gerber guardian

I'm a big fan of the guardian I and II, I own both. Mint condition never used or carried, bought them at a estate sale. both are camo handles and sheaths and black blades. I like these models better than the Mark II. I bought them both together in the boxes for $60.00. I don't see them around much, when I do see them they are high priced. You are the first one to speak of them, glad someone shares my likes on knives. thanks Al

Hey Slow...

Basically I believe the Guardian has been discontinued...

Don't see them or hear about them much until someone brings them up...

They were a pretty decent backup blade,, but weren't much use other than that.
The one I had was a SOB to get a decent edge on...

I did enjoy that knife for many years though.. Hmmm Wonder where it is!! LOL
One of the few I've never found!!

ttyle Eric...

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I have carried the Gerber Guardian on a daily basis since August of 86. There was a slight lapse around 1988-89 when an ex-wife absconded with it in a fit of pique. I acquired another (fortunately I still had the sheath) and it returned to my left boot where it resides as I write this.
No other knife has served me as well or as faithfully. I have used it for a tool and as a back up weapon (thank goodness it has never been needed, but still a comfort to have) lo these many years. I guess it and my SAK Super Tinker are two of my prized possessions which stay with me always.
The changed the handle design some years back and I can't get excited about the new style. They also changed the sheath which doesn't look as if it would be as comfortable in the boot as mine. They even made it with a black blade, camo handle and sheath.
I think Fallkniven is coming out with a blade called the GARM which resembles the old guardian. If Gerber has decided to retire the design you may want to look there. If I don't like the Fallkniven I may just cruise the forum until I find another one like the one I have. I sure never want to be without it.

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Probably not much talk for the reasons that: 1) it's a Gerber, and 2) as a double-edged fixed blade, would classify as a 'dirk or dagger' in most jurisdictions and be expressly illegal to carry.