Gerber Harsey Air Frame

Oct 3, 1998
I posted the pics and brief description on this knife a while back in this thread - . Since then I've used the knife several times and would like to offer some comments on it for those interested in getting one.

First, the clip point blade is a good shape for all around use. There is enough belly for slicing tasks and came out of the box with a quality ground edge. The large ambi thumb studs offer a comfortable purchase when opening and are situated such that when the knife is open, they are positioned as far back towards the pivot to avoid hanging up on the material being cut. I always like this feature in a folder. Thumb ramp traction notches are not aggressive but do a good job at providing a comfy place to rest.

The cast titanium handle is quite comfy. The casting process yields a swell in the handle to fill your hand. This is something that cannot be found on traditional machined handle knives. The cut ouots also serve to provide hand traction as well as for aesthetic value. However, the only complaint I have is with the pocket clip and its relation to the handle swell. The upward bend on the very tip of the clip that permits easy clipping to the pocket also makes a tight grip kind of uncomfy. The peak of the handle scale swell occurs at the upward bend of the clip. Therefore, it lightly presses the clip into the palm in a tight grip.

the action is very smooth, except for "the pause". Gerber does this on all their lock backs - the blade pauses halfway through its opening/closing cycle. Probably a safety feature, I don't know. But on a liner lock, I find this to be unacceptable, as a smooth action is the norm. A small arc gap has been drilled into the tang to catch the ball detent as the blade is rotated. This results in a "cli-click" sound when the knife is opened and closed. If you open it fast enough, the blade won't pause halfway. I wish Gerber would do away with this feature.

Overall, the Air Frame is a stylish, upscale tactical folder. Kind of on the dressy side. No black on this one! Though, a high price - $240 list price puts it in the range of MicroTech's stuff. This is a really nice folder from Gerber, a different direction from their usual hunting and outdoors type knives.

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Thanks for the info,Dexter,Sounds like they need to do a little tweaking before going after the tactical folder market full-on.