Gerber International - Walker - First Impressions

Oct 3, 1998
Gerber has hired a factory in Taiwan to make a Michael Walker design liner lock. Here's a scan of it:

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large image</A>

Here's the other side:

And a close-up look at the lockup, showing how the safety, when engaged, blocks the liner lock from being released.

It's ATS34, G10, and a design by a liner lock guru who can get good money for his work, and it's priced to compete with Spyderco and Benchmade. A lot of folks think "cheap" when they see "Made in Taiwan, but Taiwan is an industrial democracy with a high-tech industrial base where quality control may be bought, and this is a precise product. The grinding is precise, the action is smooth (though tight), the blade goes right down the middle of the handle, etcetera. We'll know more about performance, like how good their heat treat is, after they've been in use for a while.

I do have one class of nit to pick with this knife. Sharp edges. Right angles that should be "broken" for comfort. My unscientific survey in the office says that the pocket clip is too sharp along the edge, and needs careful work with a fine file to break the corners. Even more so with the safety. You push it to engage it, and you pull it to disengage it, and when you pull it your thumb tells you that that front edge of the safety is sharp! A little careful attention with the diamond file on a Leatherman Wave made it a bit less nasty.

The clip, by the way, is for all practical purposes unremovable, since it takes some special tool to turn the pivot screws.

The blade is a terribly practical general purpose shape, such as you find on a typical puukko for example - a mostly straight edge, with some belly at the above-center point.

We'll know more as these knives get used more.

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Boy, at first glance it does look good. The extra lock is a good attempt to prevent accidental closing. Hopefully this marks an attempt for gerber to return to the uality of knife they displayed in the 70's.
One more observation - The thumb plate on top of the blade is ambidextrous, and there's a little cutout in the G10 for the left thumb, but there's still not much room for my left thumb to get under the thumb plate. Judicious use of a sanding drum to remove more G10 should correct that.

[Do it outside with a breeze behind you and wear a mask. You don't want to breathe G10 dust.]

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I saw a different aluminum handled version in
the latest Blade magazine.An add by Moteng.To me this one looks a lot better.It has a thumb stud instead of the disc and I'm
not even sure if it's a liner lock.Anyone have any info on this one.
Agree with James about the blade shape. It drives me crazy that Gerber seems to be doing this shape the most. Long straight clip for a sharp point, and plenty of belly. Easily my fave blade shape.

James, does the safety have to be engaged manually after the knife is already open? Or does it click into place automatically when the knife opens?


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Nice looking. Is it just me or does this knife look like a tactical version of the Klotzli?

James - I presume the safety is the same one Gerber uses on the Covert?

Dexter Ewing
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James are the liners Ti or are the stainless? And what did they use for a back spacer? I do like the looks of this knife.

Knives everywhere, oh what a wonderful sight.

No Dexter u r not the only one. It looks exactly like the Walker/Klotzl. I still dont like it though. Another black g10 pocket knife. Can't they use other colors?


Ancient-They can just this is what sells with the non-knife users

Jake P

The model I handled had to be engaged manually. I agree with you on the blade shape. It is my favorite clip point profile, as James said "terribly practical".
I nearly bought it on the spot when I handled it. The only reason I didn't was because I was gift shopping for others at the time.
Looks like a possible winner for Gerber and IMO, the best thing they've done in a while.

So, what IS the speed of dark?

At that price point, I can't really see this knife competing with the Made in USA Benchmade Axis series. The back up lock seems like an add on and adds an extra action to deployment, a non removable clip completely ruins it for me, and not ambidextrous deployment takes out another 10% of the population. Too little, too late, still playing catch up with the new industry leaders.

James Segura
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