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Gerber Legend 800

Jul 14, 2000
Just purchased the Gerber 800 multi-tool.Although it is priced in the Victorinox Swiss Tool and Leatherman Wave neighborhood,it may not quite belong in the same league.The 800 has spring loaded,needle nose pliers with heavy duty cutting blades built in.Not being accoustomed to the spring load could be a problem for those used to other multi-tools.
Due to its design (ergonomic handles),the tool does not fold up snug and square.I believe this also prevents the tool from having the feel of balance when closed.Like the Swiss Tool,the implements are accessible when the tool is closed.
The 800 has a replaceable saw blade which has annoying play in it but does not seem to effect the cutting action.By the way the cutters in the pliers can be replaced after all three sides have been worn.A torx wrench is provided for "tinkering" with pivot tension and replacing parts (a decent feature).
The Gerber Legend is definetly different...I'd be interested in hearing other opinions.

"Just me and my multi-tools."
I was really excited when I first heard plans for this tool. I believe Gerber dropped the ball on this one though. The concept had a lot of potential. I would have liked to have seen it made in a Leatherman Wave size package.

The tools seem a little short also.

All in all I was disappointed.

Dennis Bible

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-- Joseph Stalin
Ive got large hands and the first thing I noticed was how f-a-r apart the handles were in the opened position with the pliers closed. Now if I were to use the pliers to grab even a 1/2" nut, I would have to really stretch to get a good grip on the handles.

Overall not a bad tool, but I'll stay with what I have.

Keith D.Armacost
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I had mine for about two minutes before the scissors broke. I think it's the biggest piece of sh!t. I was very disappointed. Lots of nice features with the worst execution and quality control. Reminded me of a Benchmade.

After a few days of living with the 800 I have come to the conclusion that ergonomics have messed up what could be a nice tool.I have to agree that the handle size and distance apart make this tool difficult to use.I have since replaced the wiggley saw with a thicker one which fits like a glove.I love everything below the waist on this tool!

"Just me and my multi-tools."