Gerber Mark II grip improvement?

Feb 22, 1999
I have a Gerber Mark II with the standard cast metal, black-coated handle. I'd like to improve the grip a bit, but I'm not sure what would work. I've considered standard tennis-style grip tape but I want to avoid anything that might generate sticky residue and require frequent re-wrapping. Anybody have any ideas? The Mark II's handle is far too slippery as it is.

I read "Pachmayer" (the name may be mispelled) the gun grip company was selling the rubber gun grip material in self adhesive sheet form.

I am also aware of a product offered by Tiger Products. Phone: (800)5TIGER5. Tiger offers 5mm wide strips of leather intended to be used for the wrapping of pool cue butts.

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A buddy of mine has had good luck with a product called Dip It that is desiged to coat tool handles. It comes in different colors and you can either dip it or paint it on. Should be available i any large hardware store.


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Maybe you should sandblast the finish off. Then you could spray it with an appropriately colored epoxy finish and while its tacky sprinkle it with sand, then apply a clear cote to seal it. Seems like a shame to ruin a Mk. II like that but if you're using it for the only thing that it's really intended for you wouldn't wanna lose your grip in the middle of the ruckus. I mean really this is not your all around utility knife/kindling chopper/cheese slicer, now is it?

Of course, you also rehandle it completely with a gnarly hunk of stag which you could contour to fit your grip/fighting style.
Gerber makes a MK-II (model 5735) that has a grey, rough textured, aluminum handle with the same black guard and butt. It's not half as slippery as the standard version. I just ordered one and if I like it, I'm selling my regular version. Let me know if your interested, I may be able to obtain another.
Someone (not me)is selling one on Ebay if you want to check it out. Item #115164873
No idea about this particular knife, but re another knife some posters were suggesting a section of bicycle inner tube. Further, could wrap a thin cord or similar idea under the tube to give more texture.
Try wrapping the handle with a small diameter nylon line and then cover it with a piece of tubular heatshrink. Use a propane torch or heatgun to shrink it down tight. Many electrical and electronics supply houses carry various sizes of heatshrink. It usually shrinks to about 1/2 it's normal size. Also Cutlery Shop used to sell the Gerbers with the Cats Tongue grip on the handle.