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Gerber Patriot

Aug 17, 2000
Does anyone remeber the Gerber Patriot. Can you give a little history about the quality and design?
Yes!!! I can. I had one, but I traded it. It had a plastic handle, and a very good jump safe sheath. This knife's sheath was definatly designed with the military in mind. The knife was a good quality fixed blade production Gerber. I never handled the knife, but the handle looks a little awkward, it had a rectangular cross-section. I would recommend looking elsewhere for this type of knife. A good alternate would be the LMF, which is almost exactly the same size, has a more comfortable handle, and should be much easier to find. You might also want to check out a KA-BAR; a true tried and test classic. Either way, there are many other good choices, the Terzuola/Cuda Camillus fixed blade also comes to mind. Best of luck to you.