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Dec 31, 1998
What is the best knives you have both given and received as gifts.I got a sebenza from my wife.Do to the fact I have A brother who seems to lose a knife a year I have given him both a military and a raven on back to back birthdays.
I have given some nice knives as gifts this year and received quite a few, too. This past year I have given:
-Spydie Native to my brother for Christmas. He nicked himself so he doesn't use it.
-My co-worker who retired got an Engraved Kershaw Big Joe from me
-My son's teacher got a nice Case Copperlock in Red Bone/Pocket Worn as a way to say thanks for being such a good teacher to him
-I gave a SOG utility folder to another co-worker who saved a guy I worked with during a bear attack this past fall
-I gave my wife a Buck Crosslock for Christmas
-My boys have received several nice knives and multitools from me and several of the folks on this forum have been gracious enough to send the boys several gifts this year (thanks Bob and Clay)
-One of the forumites sent me a CS Voyager and a Buck 105 for my birthday

I hope I haven't forgotten anyone.

Overall it's been nice to give some blades this year. They make the best gifts, don't they?


Two that I've received is a Wenger Mountain Biker model and my Calypso Jr.

I've bought a small SAK for one of my sons, and an official "Cub Scout" knife for another.
Don't forget, on the next gift-giving occasion, to give a good knife to a non-knife person, and raise their consciousness.

Especially, give a good "not too menacing" pocket knife to a liberal.

And, depending on which way superstitions work in your circle, don't forget to give a penny or get a penny.

Well, this ain't exactly a "gift" but when sing sent me two knives (a small FB and a neck knife) for a trade and I was very late in sending my end of the bargain without him pressuring me, I felt that it was gift!

Thanks again, sing!
I gave my mom one of those blow-out priced carbon fiber Dragonflies for Mothers Day. I gave one to my wife for her birthday, but she wasn't too thrilled with it; she likes her Cricket better. Oh well.

I gave my brother a Benchmade 812sbt mini AFCK because I love him and I hated the combo-edge. (What's wrong with this picture?

Pocket knives: A gift you can open over and over again!

David Rock

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I bought my brother a SOG Autoclip for his birthday, and I have a Benchmade 720 Pardue Axis on order for my dad for father's day.
I've recieved a Benchmade AFCK and a Gerber multitool. Tis' better to give than to recieve...well, tis' better to give and recieve when it comes to knives