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Gigand Adventurer or Smith&Wesson SWAT knives?

Apr 13, 2000
Which is better to you guys, the Gigand Adventurer (www.gigandknives.com) or the smith and wesson SWAT knives (non Automatic)? just wondering...
I prefer the Gigands over the S&W, the quality was sloppy on the S&W. I got my sister a Titan (Thanks Bill)and the quality was up there with the BM and Kershaws. All the S&W (all autos mind you) I have played with have some slop or develop slop. IMHO, go with Gigand for now save your dinero for one great knife.
I hope I don't offend anyone with this next statement but, Every S&W folder that I have ever seen was a Colosal piece of crap!!! I personally would not carry one if you paid me.


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Get the Gigand. I had an Aluminum Titan and have been very impressed with it. The pocket clips on a general basis suck on the Gigands, but the knife is solid. I had a SWAT a few years ago, before I knew what Sypderco and BM were. At the time I thought it was great, now I recognize the piece of crap it is.

On a budget, Gigand is one of the best.
My experience may not be typical, but the one S&W I owned was such a dog it barked when I opened the box.

OSHA approved edge (dull as a marble) and blade play vertically, horizontally and one or two directions I didn't know knives had.

Never had a Gigand but I've heard some pretty good stuff.

I have a Summit as a daily carry. A really nice knife that is better than the price would suggest. I don't think you'll go wrong with Gigand. Besides, since this last time that S&W has spat in the face of freedom, it is not an organization that I would care to support.

Attention: Some assembly may be required. Batteries not included.
I've owned the Gigand Adventurer and the S&W
2000B. Both were sharp out of the box (especially the Smith), and neither had any
blade-play. For the budget-minded, I'd reccommend the Gigand for light-duty utility, and the S&W for heavier cutting and defensive tasks. Both are excellent values.