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Global Kitchen knife

Oct 30, 2000
I've seen various postings on which kitchen knife is the best. There are lots of good ones out there, but I just got back from Japan where I picked up three Global's and they are nice!

One is a large 8" slightly upcurved blade which is a joy to use. Its sharp and comfortable to use. Its fairly thin, but I don't mind as I'm not going to be cutting through bone's with it (that's what the old cleaver is for). The other two are 6" blades. One utility and one slicer.
The slicer is fantastic. It is very Japanese with a single bevel-chisel style.
Just want to say that if you are looking for great knives, with a great design and comfortable handle, these fit the bill.


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I totally agree. I have had several for som years and they are very handsome and funtional. Also they are pretty easy to keep very sharp. Don't put them in the dishwasher to often though, the black spots will wear off. Also, the blades do tend to stain slightly if not cleaned and dried properly.

Jan Pasternak