Good Luck Tommorow MIKE God- Bless

As will I with hope that you pull through quickly.
I didn't know about this surgery but count me in. Don't want to see anything happen to Mike after he's been so good to us. . .

All right, welcome to my "Kung Fu" academy!!!
Why did you go like this? (quote marks)
Because I'm not going to teach you little wussies "Kung Fu!" That's just what I told your parents so they'd send you here and I could teach you to KICK ASS!
Hope the surgery goes well and best wishes for a speedy recovery, Mike.

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Positive thoughts and best wishes for a speedy recovery Mike.


Cornbread ain't s'possed ta be sweet!....Dagnabit gurl,whut did they teach you way up north in ....;) hehehe.

Good luck, Mike.


Live Free or Die

Good Luck there Mikey. Don't worry about a thing, easy with the meds and you'll be using that arm to lift those White Russians in no time.

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I hear they're putting White Russian mix in the IV for ya- good luck! ;-)

Nor'east Knives

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Never tell everything you know.
Back already. See my seperate post.

Thanks guys you are all great people!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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