"Good reason" to carry a knife

Jun 20, 2006
I always say something about"Do you use every key on your keychain every day? No. But when you need a specific key, no other tool will work."


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Nov 25, 2006
I enjoy multiple outdoor recreational activities, hunting, fishing, mushroom picking, camp fires, peaceful time in nature etc. And I bring, at minimum, a SAK on a keychain, as a common carry. The times that I don't have a pocket knife stand out as the times that I wish I had one. So it's a better practice to have something on the key chain............With that said, I recently got into it will a dick at work who is looking for a complaint to submit about me. I opened up a card board box in the workplace, he saw it, and nothing was said. A few days later I am hauled in and asked if I am carrying a pocket knife (it was an Alox vic Pioneer). I said yes and that in 40 years of having one I have never harmed or threatened to harm anyone. Then of course there was a buried workplace protocol about carrying a pocket knife. The complaint likely took time because Dufus was going through reference manuals trying to nail me with management. Anyway, I simply said that I would put it in my car, which I did. Never heard a peep since. Office politics and head games from a disgruntled staff member.


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Oct 2, 1998
Wow, this thread takes me back to fond memories of its starter, James Mattis...may he rest in peace. He was a bright light and will always be missed, and never forgotten.