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Good, the bad and the knife !!!


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Mar 28, 1999
I believe that we, the knife user has been kept in the dark long enough regarding warrantees. I am gonna post on my page a list of no BS and BS warrantee holders. For us simple people, I invite knife makers to e-mail me at moorea@yebo.co.za or post a response here and answer the following questions.

1 - State your name/companies name that the knives are sold under.
2 - Is this production or hand made items
3 - State your product warrantee (please include a URL where this warrantee can be seen).
4 - If unconditional, do you have fine print and state it. No fine print will mean you will repair/replace all blades irrespective of what caused failure or damage.
5 - Is the knife warrantee transferable if the knife is sold or does selling it means termination of your responsibility
6 - If you state a warrantee for life ....the life of the buyer or the knife ?

I have barely scatched the surface so please help me by posting some additonal questions regarding the issue you would like to answer.

If you have had excellent result on warrantee claims. Please send me the company, the URL where they are and also what they did for you.

I think we can start by rating them on star 1-5 where 5 is unbelievable excellence ...worst possible is black ball.

Kind regards



Sounds like you had a bad experience, Aubrey...

perhaps if you sent a similar post to each manufacturer in the forums (but maybe took the edge off your 'bite'), perhaps requesting such info and requesting their help in setting up a useful website...know what I mean?

Anyway, good luck...

The Fighting Old Man