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Off Topic Good vs Bad ´Relationships´ with Kitchen Knives (Thesis Project)

Discussion in 'Kitchen Cutlery & Tools' started by Jakub Zahor, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. Jakub Zahor

    Jakub Zahor

    Apr 9, 2018

    I am currently working on my academic thesis project in a design school to finish my masters and I FINALLY got to do a project with kitchen knives, which I have been trying to get to do for some time now.

    I think its interesting how some of us have very positive relationships with our knives - I love my Gyuto and rarely is anyone else allowed to use it - and yet many cooks have terrible habits of using and maintaining their knives - despite the fact that it is the most used tool in the kitchen.
    I am trying to find out more about what makes some of us have good relationships with this iconic tool to hopefully find ways of enabling others to improve theirs (...its not nice if you are afraid and struggle with using a knife - I remember when that was me a few years back...).

    Currently I am working on a website for my project where I am collecting stories of kitchen knives with photos so you can see what knives people are using, and read about the relationship of the owner towards each knife, perhaps to find some inspiration or realize that you may be missing something - you can find it here - k1.zahor.eu (tho it is not quite finished as of now).

    I would much appreciate if anyone wants to share the story of their kitchen knife with me - http://k1.zahor.eu/Share.html - that would be fantastic!

    or if you have any thoughts on what makes your relationship with your kitchen knife(s) good or bad, I´d love to hear!

    Cheers! ;)
  2. L.H.S

    L.H.S Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 1, 2013
    I think this might be a tough subject to get information and accounts on.

    I think that anyone who is not a knife enthusiast or a tangent knife enthusiast will not even consider their relationship with a knife.

    If they are a knife Enthusiast, I doubt they'll have many bad relationships with knives. If they don't like the knife, they get a different one.
  3. Ourorboros


    Jan 23, 2017
    A desire to avoid hurting myself and to avoid abusing a tool.
    It is also true that of all of mankind's tools, knives/swords are historically the most iconic & mythologicalized.

    You might also try kitchenknifeforums.com and chefknivestogoforums.com for storoies.
  4. Jakub Zahor

    Jakub Zahor

    Apr 9, 2018
    Both interesting replies!

    L.H.S. - You are right, and I am aware of the difficulty of the subject - figured its worth a try before jumping to more straightforward approach.

    Ourorboros - Thanks for the forum suggestions and your personal insight!

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