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Gorgeous Burnt Stag Viper REDUCED!

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Mar 20, 2015
From the newest run of Vipers. I snagged a few different covers and this one is too pretty to carry on a construction site... The burnt stag is as nice as any "Natural stag" I've seen and the flame kissing just sets it off that much more! walk and talk is perfect, pull is a 6-7 I think. Just slightly lighter than most of my 73s and a tad lighter than my other vipers.

This is just as I received it. Never carried. Only played with a little bit on the couch. I had an early choice on the stag and fell in love with this one. $122 "net to me" (friends and family or add for goods) is what I want for it. I'd have no problem keeping this one, but I'd like it to go to someone who will give it the pocket time it deserves.

Excuse the cell phone pics and mess in the living room... My 2-year old had a birthday party this weekend and we're too worn out to clean!

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OK, I lied... $122 shipped net. This is exactly what I have in it with shipping. Including a bail that fits it as well.

THIS is the final reduction!