Jim March

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Oct 7, 1998
c title. A certain package from Scott Evans showed up. Ohhhhhhhhhhh ya baby.

Scott's sheath is *incredible*. He did one heavy back plate in what appears to be .090 grade Kydex but the top sheet is actually *two* sheets of thinner grade in the .040 grade range. At important areas it's doubled but a large amount is single layer which gives it enough flex for the "sideways draw" concept. It's perfect.

I hope to god he took photos. The concept is applicable to Kukuris and other large knives where you don't want to "draw straight out" due to the time that takes. Coming out sideways is faster, that's what the IPSC crowd learned a long time ago.

Scott, got more pics?

Jim March
Jim, if you can part with it for a few days, we'd like to take some photos of your outsider and put them in up for display... I especially would like to see Scott's Kydex work first hand!


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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I am happy all arrived well. A note or two on the sheath. The Kydex on the back is .125" and the top two layers are .060. The layers are bonded together with "Oatey CPVC cement". The layering solved the problems of combining security and flexibility. Give me a shout or e-mail your ph # as there are a few items on the sheath I would like to talk with you about.




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