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Got my UG/Blue 10 FBM today

Oct 2, 2006
Here are some pictures of my knives so far. I was surprised to get my FBM already. Sorry about the quality.
http://s145.photobucket.com/albums/r224/Micky_061/My knives/
So far I have:
1) 2 Howling Rats
2) 1 Camp Tramp
3) 1 Camp Tramp # 7
4) 2 Battle Rats
5) 2 Battle Guards
6) 2 SW M6’s
7) 2 SW muddy M6’s
8) 1 Aftershock Bolo # 15
9) 1 UG/Blue G10 Mag. FBM
10) 2 Orange Game Wardens
11) 1 Tiger Stripe Game Warden
12) 2 Stealth Hawks

Items I am still waiting on
1) 2 MS Howling Rats
2) 1 Bandicoot
3) 2 Street Scrapper 4’s
4) 1 FBMLE
5) 2 Muddy MOJO variants # 7 and 8
6) 1 Ruck Kensei
7) 2 Black G10 game Wardens

And hopefully I was able to get my email in fast enough for a few SOWs. I don’t think I am doing to bad for only having started collecting in October.
Damn that blue and urban grey looks sweet, if I had a little more disposable income I'd definately order a 2nd in that combo.
Great pics and really nice looking FBM. I hope you don't mind I'm adding one of your pics to the Compilation thread.

I thought the blue would look good with the urban gray and I was right. The picture really dosn't do it justice.