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Great Custom Sheathes! (And one unusual one)

Sep 5, 2000
I just received my two Normark custom sheathes from Eric Noeldechen at On-Scene Tactical Products (www.mnsi.net/~nbtnoel) and they were superb! It all started with someone here on the Blade Forum recommending Greg Lightfoot of Canada for a medium fixed blade--I purchased the "Pit Bull" (which is another review, but an outstanding knife). In order to provide an equally impressive and appropriate little home for my new Pit Bull (even the most killer dogs need a nice residence), another Candadian was recommended to me here at the Forum--Normark. But I had two needs.....

My first was a standard belt conceal carry. However, my second need was for a fanny pack conceal sheath for the times I'm not wearing a belt while jogging, hiking, etc. I have several for my compact handguns, but nothing for a knife. Easy spec? So I thought! But noooooo. I posted here, asked around. No one had actually created a fanny pack for conceal knife carry!!!??? It turned out to be a much more unusual request than I had initially thought!

Well, Normark came back to me and said, "Just because it doesn't exist, doesn't mean we can't create one." At the same time that I glanced at one of my handgun packs and thought the same thing! So I took one of my packs down from it's storage in the closet, responded to Normark's email by saying, "Here ya go, Eric--get creative!"

And so he did! He sent the fanny pack back to me after about a week of design and creation, and it's a GREAT, CREATIVE alternative to belt carry! I can't believe no one has already been marketing these things! The handgun pack is already designed for quick access to a handgun, now Normark has turned it into a five inch fixed blade conceal tool. I don't have the ability yet to post pictures, but I know Normark will below--as he should. Our creative collaboration has produced a method to conceal carry an outstanding edged weapon like the Pit Bull. Anyone who conceal carries should add this to their collection of holsters and sheathes.

Normark does terrific custom sheath work anyhow, but now he has a great new idea that can impact how we conceal carry, making our options flexible to the condition. Oh, did I mention I was very pleased with his belt carry sheath as well? My highest recommendation goes to him--and I carry my handguns in Mitch Rosen leather, so top of the line is my standard!

"I love to do things that scare me, because without fear there is no courage..."
Hey Greg....

Here are the pics of the "Goldman Concealment Pack"



Here is the original post with pictures..
Sorry I couldn't resist..


I'm Real happy you like the GCP Mike..
It was a fun project to work on for sure,,and look forward to the next one I do...



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