Great EASTER Cutlery sale - unicorn 62 left


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Mar 17, 2017
Happy Easter, porch dwellers. I am luckier than some these days, in that I still have a job. But my wages have been significantly reduced for a few months. So, in the spirit of fiscal responsibility, I'm aiming to free up funds that really don't need to be tied up in knives.

Prices are G&S, US48. Feel free to ask questions, but first "I'll take it" gets it. All knives have original packaging.

First, the 62s

1. Unicorn Acrylic - $80. LNIT. A couple of the black spots on edges, but not much.
2. SMKW micarta - SOLD ($80). LNIT.
3. Banana - SOLD ($100). LNIT. Pile side is lighter, but good color overall.
4. DLT Ironwood - SOLD ($115). LNIT. It's beautiful.
5. White Bone Carver - SOLD ($100). LNIT. Good snaps on all blades.
6. Cocobolo Carver - SOLD ($95). LNIT. It has some scuffs on the bolsters from the factory. Pile side is lighter, but nice grain.
7. Black/red F&F Micarta Carver - SOLD ($80). A little time in the pocket, but unused.

Then, some variety

8. White Bone Stainless 74 - SOLD ($170). From last year's rendezvous. Has been carried and used, but great condition. A bit of liner is visible on the pile side along the spine. That piece of bone didn't quiiiiiiite cover the whole liner.
9. Cocobolo 93 - SOLD ($125). LNIT. It's an amazing example. Bright colors with awesome grain.
10. Natural Micarta 78 - SOLD ($160). Has been carried but barely used. Great condition. This is so nice.
11. Aqua Camel 12 - SOLD ($50). Carried and used. Patina. Very smooth action and nice coloring.
12. "S" model Waynorth 97 - SOLD ($110). LNIT. Big and beautiful. "S" is because of the etch. The knife is perfect otherwise.

Finally, a couple extra special boys.

13. Stag Geppetto 57 Whittler - SOLD ($325). It's been carried and used. I'm not the first owner. Shows blade rub. Very usable, or simply a fantastic collector's piece. 1 of 35.
14. Mammoth Northwoods Heritage Jack - SOLD ($400) . Like new. This knife is baller.

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