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Greg Lightfoot 458 Mag Millennium

nice.....I think that's the M1 model though. the nicest of them all.
nice.....I think that's the M1 model though. the nicest of them all.


Thanks for your input...This exactly what I thought as well! The person I bought it from said it was the 458 Mag Millennium. I looked all over for another and on Greg's site, the closest I could find that looked like this one was the M1, but I thought maybe since this was the millennium edition it had the MI handle design. I'm thinking its an M1 as well, maybe I should change the title to reflect this.

Either way, this is one smooth folder. Lockup is perfect too

Thanks for your help!

Any trade interests?

Hmmmm..well that very much depends on what you got. I'm mostly looking for cash for this one right now, I'll probably be selling many of my other customs as well. The wife and I are buying a new car so.... But, I'm always interested in hearing what you might have, it might be something I cant live without. I like knives of the tactical variety. CRK knives and Customs...Hinderer, Wilkins, Terzuola and others. Feel free to shoot me an email to the addy below with a trade list. Pics if you got them.