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Greg Lightfoot Sierra II, where to find info?

Feb 27, 2000
Interested in the Sierra II, and was wondering where to find info. The BF search didn't turn anything up.


Do it right,or not at all.
BTW, Murray is a member here and if for some reason you don't get him by emsil[although he always responds promptly], you can get him on BFF. Greg himself doesn't have an email but he does answer the phone from time to time. Myself, I would love to get a Sierra II, if the budget hadn't already been blown on some other recent acquisitions, including a car and an overhaul. I really like Greg's fixed blades [there's certainly nothing wrong with the folders either]. My Predator is one of my prized possessions. Murray is absolutely great to deal with too.
Thanks, meant to post this in the custom makers forum, but I goofed.

Do it right,or not at all.