Gun & Knife show's getting press this weekend

Mar 19, 1999
I have a table at a gun & knife show this weekend in Kansas City to sell some of my knives. I've never seen so much press coverage. The show was on the front page of the KC Star yesterday, we were the lead story on at least one of last night's local "news" shows. The promoter made a special announcement to remind all the exhibitors the ATF would be at the show. I'm sure they're at every show but because of all the press he wanted to remind everyone.
We all know why there's so much media attention to the shows all of a sudden so I won't go into that. Is anyone else at other shows around the country seeing the same kind of news coverage this weekend? As a result of all the press there have been some good crowds, though.
If you're an exhibitor at gun & knife shows, please mind your p's and q's, I'd sure hate to see the shows become outlawed or regulated to the point of extinction.

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Hey Bill. I worked the show this weekend as well. I usually only see about 3 tables other than John and Red's that sell the higher end knives. What table were you at? I'm sure I've met you before. I didn't realize the attention this show has gotten. The ATF??? I didn't realize their presence either, of course I only worked the Fri. night show. -AR

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I worked G&K shows in the SE for three years. Over 90% of them had ATF agents there. Maybe this is just normal in our areas.I do not know.
At one show an ATF agent I knew came by and lamented He could not get anyone at a gun table to talk to him. He just wanted to buy a .22 rifle for his son. I had no good answer.

Blue Skies,

A month or so ago, the police in Spokane, Washington targeted a local gun show. They were just sure they'd round up dozens of gang members, felons, criminal, and so forth buying guns. They even said they were specifically looking for "people advocating the violent overthrow of the US Government." They were sure they'd find all sorts of illegal guns and people selling guns illegally.

They did not issue any sort of advanced warning, of course.

The result: no criminals, no gang members, no revolutionaries, no illegal guns, no illegal gun sales. Their undercover folks tried to buy guns illegally and were unable to.

Remember, there was no "fix" in here. Nobody knew this was going to happen. Surprise, surprise to find honest citizens conducting a legal show above the board.

They did find two dealers selling automatic knives (very illegal in Washington). They made a big deal in the press about arresting them and confiscating the knives. I ran into one at a show here in Oregon a week or two later and asked about his experience. He said that apparently he had been briefly arrested. He was never handcuffed or taken to a police station, never finger printed or photographed. There was no paperwork. He was "released" a few minutes later. He has since had his local police department look up a copy of his record and the "arrest" is not included.

Apparently, his inventory had been briefly confiscated. But it was never actually taken from him, never tagged. There was no paperwork. It was all returned to him a few minutes later with the admonition that he not to bring those back to Washington again.

Later, a few of the officers came back and bought autos from him. Washington has no exception to automatic knife laws for law enforcement officers.

So, while the Spokane police played up the "illegal knives" stuff in the media, they didn't get the guns and criminals they came for.

unfortunately the liberals can take a tragedy like the school shooting and use it to further their cause. I've seen so many reports blaming gun shows for the incident. Lets put the blame where it really belongs.
Like most of the members of this forum, I collect knives. I also collect guns, am a hunter and was a competition shooter. When I was a young man, the one certainty in my life was that if I got into trouble I would have to deal with the wrath of my father. He was a good and uncomplicated man, but his punishment for wrong-doing was swift, severe and certain. I had my share of encounters with the old man, but I eventually went out into the world knowing what was expected of me.

It seems to me that the laws should be changed in favor of stricter Parent control, not gun control. I would be willing to bet that juvenile crime would drop drastically if the parents were made to pay damages and serve jail time when little "Junior" went on a rampage.

To assume that we are prone to violence because we collect knives and/or guns is stupidity. If we follow this to its logical conclusion, people who collect fine china would be pre-disposed to obesity and those who collect matchbooks are destined to become arsonists.

Sermon ends. Thanks for listening.


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Unfortunatly,The laws in the states are getting so strict,that one cannot even disipline their children without getting arrested or the kids taken from them.These children need disipline and learn respect for life.When I was eleven years old my dad taught me to shoot his .22 pistol.He showed me gun safety,responsability etc. etc.I know its tough in this day and age with both parents working to make ends meat,but kids can't raise themselves.Parents need to be parents.Please no more gun laws,we have enough on the books that already don't get aggressively enforced and prosecuted.The Brady Bill?What a joke!It supposedly prevented thousand's of criminals from purchasing guns.Why is it that no one was prosecuted under the Brady Law.Its a federal offense to purchase a gun being a previously
convicted felon.Sounds like Sarah Brady and the rest of the cronies pulled alot of B.S. over on the easily dupped anti gun people.
Oh and those evil switchblades what another B.S. law pulled on the american people watching to much T.V.Yeah,Like we had a large rash of leather clad greasers with switchblades terrorizing the people accross the country.This country is going down the sh**er.Now it's the big evil gun shows.They need to stop trampling our second amendment
rights by using it as a scapegoat for their own failures as lawmakers,parents etc.etc.
Well chow for now,RS

Unfortunately, some loser dealer at a gun show here in the Detroit area sold a couple of firearms to an undercover LEO in a "sting" investigation, leading the city of Detroit and Wayne County to jump on the gun manufacturer lawsuit bandwagon. What was this idiot thinking? Unfortunatly, our society has become so self-absorbed that they are willing to make a few quick bucks at the expense of the endangerment of their business and the Second Amendment. Gun and knife shows at the venue, and another venue owned by the same people, have now been cancelled, since they were also named in the lawsuit as an "accomplice" or some other deep pockets grab strategy. Some smaller dealers who relied on the monthly Trade Center shows for a good portion of their business will most likely go out of business. Gun and knife shows in this area are sparse in the first place, so nobody's sure where to go now to see, handle, and purchase firearms, ammo, knives, and outdoor stuff. Many, including myself, are waiting for some other promoter to step in and fill the shoes of the Trade Center shows, and probably run a tighter ship in the meantime. Other local dealers should go to the violator and kick his @ss, just on GP for ruining everything for us. (I'm not "promoting" violence, but you know what I mean. This really p!sses me off.)

Take this as a lesson. If you are at a show, and overhear something fishy going on, talk to the dealer right away, or inform the show management that something illegal may be taking place. We can't afford to let momentary greed threaten our gun rights. It's up to us to police ourselves, it seems, before we're being policed by others.

Don LeHue

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actually, were i live in n.y. there was a gun and knife show with news people covering it. As i entered the show tons of police, and a very weird feeling walking in as if you were being watched, as everybody was. Alot of dealers i know there had said they have the feeling that this might be one of the last shows in the n.y. area. I sure hope not!!!!


Don't forget that these forums and others as well as chat rooms and usenet new groups are public too. Anyone that wants too, non-knife people, anti-knife people, the media, legislators, etc., sign up and listen in.

I am personally particularly concerned about the very open trade in automatic knives that goes on. I am not, please understand, opposed to automatic knives. I own some myself. But, they are illegal in many areas, illegal to mail, and illegal to transport across state lines except for law-enforcement and military use. I'd hate to see some of the "for sale" posts that show up on the internet paraded out on some liberal talk show or even worse in front of some legislative body as "evidence of the pervasive trade in this illegal weapons. We need even more laws and more enforcement!" I heard a report on the radio news the other day about gun sales via the internet. The "expert" being interviewed said, and I'm going to quote as exactly as I can, "the internet is turning into a huge weapons bazaar for terrorists and criminals." That's just the sort of exagerated rhetoric that can bring down more laws and more enforcement upon us.

If you are going to offer an auto for sale via the internet in any venue, please include the note "For sale only to lawfully qualified buyers." We'll all know what you mean, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more, say noooooh more. We've got to keep up appearances.

Keep this in mind no matter what you're posting. The public can form opinions about knives, knife collectors, and knife enthusiasts based on what the see us say online.


From: Ivan Went to the HArrisburg Gun Show this Past weekend (P.A.) They had police checking thwe guns coming in and guns going out. Also had some T.V. people ,looked like foreign types, interviewing a dealer who had a table set up for the Federal INsta Check. Several big knife dealers were there,but no auto knives displayed since P.A. is strict on the selling of autos, unlike some other states where they are legal to sell. Our Elites, both REpublicrats and Demagods,who rule this once proud Constitutional Republic dont want the masses to have either guns or knives in the final analysis. Is it a up hill fight to keep our God given gun and knife rights from being eliminated by the elite political system? Ivan
This is in reference to DON L.'s post.
I also live in Michigan and often go to the Gun show and knife show that Don mentioned. I can't believe that they are actually cancelling all other shows. I also saw on the news yesterday that Lawyer Jeffrey Fieger has jumped on the bandwagon and has agreed to represent one of the families whose son was killed in the Littleton shooting. For those who are not familiar with Mr. Fieger, he is the loudmouth who is representing the family who is sueing the "Jenny Jones Show" for fity Million. And he claims that he isnt in it for the money!!
Nothing irks me more then this maggot trying to prosper from other peoples misfortune.

I have no problem with prosecuting crooked dealers and those who buy from them. I also believe that that its time for the justice system to wake up and start prosecuting killers and other law breakers approriately.

We, the honest people are the only ones getting screwed here! If you dont already belong to the NRA, JOIN!!!!