Oct 4, 1998
I just got my gunsite I really like it, and I am no fan of the tanto point.
The stuff I like
1)It came very sharp(has anybody got a dull cs)
2)It fit in pocket a lot better then I thought it would
3) I like the grip
4)I like the looks
5)I like the workmanship, blade is tight and lock is very strong

Now the stuff I don't like
1)the point, I wish it had a clip point
2) the steel it has 8A(not a bad steel but not great),I wish it had cpm metal 420v or better yet 3v or at least ATS-34
3)I don't like the clip,(how do you change it when you break it?)
4)I don't like where the clip is(I like a point down carry)
5)And the opening is a little stiff.

But overall I like it, I think it will be my new everyday carry

-Greg Johnson

Where did you get your blade? I was wondering where the best deal was on this piece.


Greg(j62) -- Did you have any specific reasons for NOT getting the *clip-point* Extra Large Voyager? I am about to purchase one and would surely like to know, what might be wrong (or inferior) with it.

Also, is the Gunsite CS available with plain edge?


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I got the knife from the price was $68.70 including s/h
The reason I didn't get the clip-point Voyager is the handles are diff, I don't like the one on the Voyager.
And I don't think think you can get a plain edge. I think it only comes as is .

-Greg Johnson

Greg J -- If you're willing to play around with a Dremel, you can improve the ease with which the GS opens. Jim March came up with a mod that involves changing the round stop notch on the tang into a larger oval. You can try searching the forums or simply e-mail Jim for details.

I was a bit hesitant to try it at first but, by working slowly, it came out just fine. After using the cut-off wheel, I smoothed the oval with a narrow grinding wheel at very slow speed.

I plan to split a small felt wheel -- so that it fits the opening -- and polish the oval with jeweler's rouge. However, even w/o the final polish, the action is fairly smooth. After starting the blade with my thumb, a wrist flip opens it right up. Before the mod so much force was required to flip it that I was afraid it would go flying out of my grip.

Good Luck.

Brian, Thanks I will look it up. I just might try it. I will give it a few days first to see if it gets better on it's own.

-Greg Johnson

Greg J -- I had hoped that mine would get easier & it did somewhat. However, I suspect that it was more a case of conditioning my thumb -- which can now roll small cars
-- than the action loosening.

Got mine for $50.00 from my local knife shop, the only thing I dont like is the clip...have thought about milling it off, think I'll at least wait untill I break it someday though.

$50 that's one hell of a good deal. I looked all over to find the cheapest, and it was $68.70
I don't like the clip either, I wish it was metal held on with screws.

-Greg Johnson

Can anyone enlighten me how this knife got to be the "Gunsite" folder. I seem to remember when I bought my BM AFCK it had some relation to Gunsite Training Center. Anyone know anything about this?

The A.F.C.K. was a knife that the Gunsite Training Camp liked much so and sold also. But, it was never really an official knife of the Gunsite Center.

The Cold Steel Gunsite Folder is the 1st and original official knife of the Gunsite Training Center. When the #34XTH came out they must have really liked it. The added features (jimping and false edge) that seperates the Gunsite Folder from the standard Voyager derived from the Gunsite Ctr.

Now for 1999, the large Voyager will also be added as a Gunsite official knife, too. A smaller version basically.

Tanto Blades make a much better fighting knife then a clip blade such as the A.F.C.K. has. Much stronger tip to it!

By the way, I paid 47 bucks for mine. Dealer Cost!



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Good luck waiting for the clip to break off! Cold Steel made the clip on this knife much stronger by adding more Zytel thickness to it. Sure abuse will be about the only way you will break that clip, unless you purposely break it off.

I prefer plastic clips over metal for two reasons: 1.) It is easier on the pants. Metal clips wear pant pockets much quicker and 2.) when rubbing against an object, the metal clip will scratch that object, such as wooden objects or even metal objects ( cars, appliances,etc.). I know, it has happened many of times with me!


ti, you might be right but I still would like to be able to change it if the need arises.

-Greg Johnson

Ti and Greg,

I think the solution would be to have a plastic clip that is attached with screws such as Out Door Edge uses on theirs. If it ever did break, you could get a replacement clip at that point!


Markku, Gunsite is only available with combo edge but the extra large Voyager tanto which is very similar without the jimping on the bach of the blade, is available plain, 50-50 and fully serrated. Knife center of the internet has them for I think 54.95.
Thanks, phantom4.

Jerry VanCook reviews the CS Gunsite folder in Tactical Knives' May 1999 issue. An interesting review by Thaddeus can be found in:

Like Jerry, I might prefer the clip-point Extra Large Voyager, though.

ALSO, let's not forget our own Dexter Ewing ... there is a nice review in the current issue of Knives Illistrated he did on the Cold Steel Gunsite Folder along with a couple other newer Cold Steel Knives! I enjoyed reading that article, Dexter


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Hi Mark - thanks for your compliment on my review of the knife. Glad you enjoyed reading it!

Dexter Ewing
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Remember, however, that the Gunsite Folder is not necessarily the actual knife that the current senior edged weapons instructor recommends, or even carries.

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Mark W. Douglas, please clear up for me why you say the AFCK was never an official Gunsite knife. On page 71 of the Spring 1995 issue of Tactical Knives, there is a Benchmade ad for the then just introduced AFCK with these words, "Designed in conjunction with Gunsite Training Center's instructor Chris Caracci. The Model 800S is the oficial knife of the Gunsite Training Center." Also, in the upper right corner of the ad appears the Gunsite logo and these words, "Official knife of the Gunsite Training Center." I can appreciate that Gunsite may have changed their official knife over time, but don't understand your statement that the AFCK was never an official knife of Gunsite. Was Benchmade wrong in 1995?