Gurkha House Khukris--High Quality, Great Price

Jun 23, 1999

Hi All,

If you're looking for a khukri make sure you check out Gurkha House:

I've been searching the knife shows for years trying to find a halfway decent khukri for my working collection and haven't found one, yet.

Although I always worry about buying things online, last week I disocvered Ghurka House and decided to give them a try. I ordred two blades: the 'Service Model One' and the'World War Khukri.'

The package arrived in three days--just like the owner's e-mail said it would--and I gotta tell everyone how elated I was when I opened the box and unwrapped the first knife. I've never seen such a nice khukri in all my life. It had a bright mirror finish on the blade, a beautifully made water buffalo horn handle, near-perfect leatherwork on the scabbard, and it was sharp enough to shave with--I FINALLY had "The real McCoy." What's more, the bigger World War Khukri was just as nice.

I took the Service Model with me to the rifle range today (6/26), and all the guys who saw it wanted to look at it. All I heard were comments like, "Oh wow, look at that!" and "That's a great piece."

Want to know the best part? The day before, I used it to chop up a big old scrub bush in the backyard for garbage collection.

Chris S.
I recently gave the Gurkha House Deluxe World War model a pretty severe test - had a large tree rootbound in 2 stacked PVC pots, used the knife to hack the pots to pieces. Did not even dull the edge. I like the brass handle also
My most recent test was on a hole I was digging in the backyard. I was making a hole for my koi pond, and my backyard is riddled with 50 years of root growth from several large trees. One very large maple root was sitting directly accross the hole, and happened to be approaching the house. So, in the interest of installing my pond, and protecting the structure of my house, I decided to remove it. Perfect chance to test a Panawal. Bottom line was that I got too tired and stopped, but the khukuri could have kept on going. Hit several rocks while digging the root out, and the blade is fine.

Glad to see others test the durability of the khukuris also. That's what they are for - hard work.

Craig Gottlieb
Gurkha House
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