Handle came off my CS Recon Scout!

Mar 18, 1999
I don't know if moisture got under it or what, but it split down the side, and popped right off. All that is holding these Kraton handles on is the little brass lanyard hole. I have had it less than 2 years, and take very good care of my knives. I just wrapped the stick tang with parachute cord. I am disapointed. I figured at least there was some kind of epoxy holding it on. No more Kraton for me!
Tknife, now you can put some really nice handles on that nice blade. I always wondered what the tang of the recon scout and trailmaster look like under the kraton, since I have thought about removing the kraton and refinishing the handles with some other material. Can this be done to the tang in your opinion?
Yeah, I think another type of material could be used. I don't know about attaching it though. It may be hard to drill through the tang if it's hardened. But I'd like to get some Micarta and try it.
This is interesting. I have wondered what I would do if the Kraton came off. Please let us know the results if you try installing micarta slabs. Seems like some enterprising knifesmith could make some money installing replacement micarta handles on Kraton handled knives.
Hey guys what a coincidence! On my way to work this morning I was reading the June 1999 Blade and Wayne Goddard has an article called " Getting a Handle On It" on page 48. Check it out.


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Another idea is to wrap the blade in a damp towel to keep it cool and heat up the tang to cherry-red with a torch, then let it cool slowly. This ought to make it drillable with a standard bit, so long as you know what you're doing and use an appropriately low speed and lots of cutting oil. Also, if you're going to drill a sharpened blade, tape a fold of cardboard over the edge, make sure the edge faces away from the way the knife will spin if the bit catches, and make it VERY secure to your press.


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