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Harness Jack Revival! No.1


Dealer / Materials Provider
Nov 19, 2005
Some of you know I have always admired this old, rare pattern, and that I had 3 different models reproduced (the first in partnership with Clarence Risner). When each was done, I cajoled Queen Cutlery into making some specials of the first; a couple very limited runs of the second; and they provided me with Prototypes and a final production "sample" of the third as it neared its schedule to be produced, as well as a pair of limited (2 each) cell models. It's time for their public debut!! I hope you like what you see! Harness Jack Number 1;

Here are the first ones, from the top, Ebony, Mammoth, Stag, Pearl, Tiger Coral, Abalone, and Horn.
For Harness Jack Number 2, They just did 2 stags, and a handful (9) of Candy Stripes outside of a production run of bone and ebony knives. It is very hard to get them to do small numbers of anything; They think 200 is a small run!
I love that stag one over the candy striper, but then I've always been a sucker for stag. The deeper the groves the better. Natures original non-slip grip!

Is there a bevel on the back side of that awl?
Here it worked more like the big leagues. I guess I started to gain cred, because they did two "prototypes" for me. Note the smaller punches, and the liners are different (not visible in the pic). Then they did a final sample before they ran production, and etched it "sample" for me.

And Queen also made me 2 each in tortoise and waterfall cell from some sample cell material.

Six MOPs rounded out the limited knives.

So, I hope you all enjoy these. I have an offer pending, so wanted everyone to see them before they went into a collection somewhere! Thanks for looking!!
Yes JK, it's double beveled and works very well for punching leather. That knife and punch is a close as possible a copy of a 1911 S&M Harness Jack, except for the handle material. I had quite a few made in jigged bone and ebony, which are more historically correct. Here's the back of the punch;
Although I have had a hand full of HJ's over the many years since my terminal disease of eclectic accumulation of traditional pocket knives of nearly every type and sort, it was you who really got me started in the introduction of the historical value that the infamous Harness Jack played in this country and parts of Europe in the 19th and 20th century, and moreover, the diversity and value of all the great punch blades out there. And for that I must Thank You.. But, I guess I said that so I could say this: All of those Queens & S&M's you have pictured are just a sight for sore eyes. The Schatt & Morgans especially really move me. :eek:

Let me get this straight if I can.. Is there any of those S&M's HJ's available for sale?. Please Pray Tell!
That red bone proto is SWEET... I don't see a lot of knives that I really, really like, however this one made me a little weak in the knees..
Thanks for sharing the pics.. The new owner will definetely have a collection to be proud of.

Let me say thank you first for taking the time to share these ultra rare beauty's, just incredible to this wannabe harness collector/admirer...

What a great set of prototypes and samplers just fantastic my friend...The Tiger Coral, Abalone and Stag are super, just incredible...

I hope you achieve the return on your investment in these knives that you are looking for. If by chance this pending offer does not pan out there may be others or another interested. :)

Thanks for showing them to us...Does this mean the end of the Harness Jack series for you???? No series #4??


There will be a series #4, but planning is still in my dreams!!
Holy Harness Jacks, Waynorthman! Those are simply stunning! It just goes to show that when you think something can't get better, it does.

Having had a chance to play with some of the regular HJs in the series, I have to tell you they are some truly great knives. They really are some of those, ya gotta have at least one of each in your collection (and use them). I keep referring to them as "purposeful" knives. Each one has its own character so that they seem to make a working set. I don't know if that was by design, or just the way it worked out, but work out it did. Charlie, ya should be proud of these.

Harness Jacks in general are real hertitage stuff that, like SunnyD, I wasn't really aware of until Charlie came out on here as the voice of the humble HJ pattern. I can't look at any knife with a punch the same way anymore. I'm even keeping an eye out for just the right deal on a stockman with a punch. Bad influences on here. Thank goodness. :D

Did I mention those specials are pure beauty! :thumbup:
Where do I get one of those in the Tortise shell?
Thank You Charlie for sharing all these beautiful prototypes!! I was lucky enough to get a few of your "foster children" & they are all works of art in my book. Your passion for this pattern burns bright & I am lucky to be standing close enough to be warmed by that flame. All of the searching for information about different punches & designers had to truly be a labor of love.
I for one am looking forward to the 4th addition of your dream.
xbxb, of all those exotic handles, that tortoise is one of the best looking in my opinion. I can see why those toroises became an endangered species! Unfortunately, only two were made. Maybe they will show up on "the Bay"?
waynorth, that's an amazing collection of very, very pretty hj's!!
This is truly an inspiration for an amateur collector like me.

Grom all of the handles above, I like the horn ones best.
But unlike jackknife, I prefer the shallower grooves.

/ Karl