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Has anyone sujected the REKAT knives to the Cold Steel testing procedures?

Dec 1, 1999
I was curious if anyone here has tested the REKAT knives using the Cold Steel test procedures? I'm just wondering? I figure if the CS Voyagers could withstand their tests, a REKAT blade could do it also. Any info would be aprreciated.

I believe Spyderco tested the REKAT for lock strength and it came out high, enough that they almost licensed the lock. The deal fell through.

Spyderco seems to do more testing of the knives out there, besides their own, than other companies do. Sal, however, doesn't make the information public. It doesn't become a "pi$$ing" contest like some companies which seem to want to engage in comparisons of theirs against others.

If you do a search in the Spyderco Forum, you may find the old threads.


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