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Has anyone tested the United Cutlery Rambo knives?

Dec 1, 1999
Just wondering if anyone tested any of these blades? The Rambo series of survival knives by Jimmy Lile are very good blades, but how about the production made versions. Thanks in advance.
Just about everything from United Cutlery is made from 420J2 steel which is not worth a darn as a knife blade. If you just want to look at it then I guess its ok for that. Personally there are VERY FEW U.C. I would ever order again.

Bremerton, Washington
It is made from 420 steel, and hold an edge for a fraction of the time that the Lile version would. It also cost 1/10 as much, and it is closer to the Movie version than the Sly II (has screwdriver heads on the crossguard). I bought them both they look great together. The knife is actually tame and reasonably good looking by UC standards.

Have fun.