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Hatin T.E.C. Spear Point Neck Knife


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Oct 2, 1998

I recently learned of Chris Hatin from fellow forum member TomW. Chris is a full time police officer in upstate N.Y. who is a knifemaker when he is not out chasing bad guys.

Since I have a penchant for neck knives and I have been wanting to try a knife in D2, and Chris is a fellow LEO, I felt that all of the elements were present to convince me to try one of his knives.

I went first to Chris' temporary website:

and took a look at his wares. Nice looking knives at reasonable prices. Of the four neck knives present, the one that grabbed me the most was the spear point. That, and the fact that I didn't have a spear point in my current arsenal.

I contacted Chris and we simultaneously sent out knife and check. Two days later the knife arrived. Wow, that was fast!

On first blush, I was struck by the similarity in design and appearance between the Hatin knife and a "Subway Bowie" made for me by Fred Perrin earlier this year. The main difference is that the Perrin is a clip point/Bowie style blade, slightly shorter, and made of polished carbon steel.

Both feature black/green G-10 scales(one of my personal favorites) and chisel grinds. The Hatin is matte finished via sandblasting.

The handle is well radiused with no edges digging in anywhere. It is obvious that Chris put some effort into this area.

The grind lines of the spear point blade are well turned out, and there is a small section filed into the spine for good purchase with ones thumb.

One of the first things one notices is the heft of this piece. It is full 1/8 inch D2 and solidly constructed. This knife is not going to fail when called upon. No spine whacking test needed.

The edge cleanly sliced paper and shaved my arm right out of the sheath. Still, it didn't seem to catch my fingerprint when I tested the edge, and I didn't know whether to attribute this as a characteristic of D2 or the grind or my fingertip that day.

Anyway, I broke out the hones and learned that even with DMT Diafolds in all four grits, it can take a while to reprofile D2. All I can say is stick with it, eventually you will raise a burr and with it, a wicked sharp edge. (Not that Chris' wasn't. I just wanted to experiment and learn a little.)

The knife comes in at six inches overall length, 2.75 inches of which are cutting edge.

The sheath is black concealex. What is different about it is that it is lined with a velour-like material that not only prevents scratching the blade (not much of a concern with a user like this one) but keeps the draw virtually silent.

Chris wears his under his arm sling-style, so he provides the sheath with a wide nylon lace long enough to wear the knife bandolier style if that is your choice.

I prefer to wear my neck knives center chest, so I removed the lace and equipped the sheath with a stainless ball chain. Perfect. Low profile, minimal print under a tee or polo shirt.

I have treated the blade with Marine Tuf-Cloth to see how it holds up oxidation-wise here in the sub tropics of South FL.

In short, I think Chris offers good value in a solid no-nonsense package. I plan on putting this baby through its paces.

Chris offers knives in a variety of styles, so if neck knives aren't your thing, there is probably something else on his site that may catch your fancy. Give it a look.


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Just by chance, I checked out his site this AM. Like what I saw. Looks like good craftsmanship. Also pretty good prices. The only thing that holds me back is that I hate chisel grinds. Wish he would do flat or hollow.


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I met Chris at the last NCCA show and was able to handle some of his knives. They are extremely stout little cutters! The workmanship is impressive and Chris seemed like a nice guy as well.

Sing-Weren`t you at the last NCCA show..?? It was in Marlborough. Not too far from Boston! The NCCA shows are really quite good.

I had a conflict and didn't make it. MD'2020 did and gave me a run-down, including Chris Hatin's stuff. Said Kubasek was there and had nice stuff out too.

Next year.


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Thanks for the review. Hope the blade serves you well.

To answer the other post by Sing, all my knives are flat-ground, not hollow. I think Sing was looking for a v or double flat-grind, which i prefer not to do on steel less than 3/16" thick. I do v-grind my larger knives. As blues stated, the knife is solid, which is of great importance to me. I feel the edges on the 1/8" get thin and may break if they hit something hard. I had this happen to me with a custom ATS-34 piece. Maybe it was a heat treat or other problem, but it has made me warey none the less. I may experiment with 1/8" or 5/32" v-grinds, so maybe you will see something in my sight soon.

Glad to see the interest in NCCA shows. They're nice one day shows,(except for the annual June two day show in Waterbury, CT, which is a fantastic east coast show!) and have some great makers. (Jim siska and Howard Hitchmough to name a few) Hope to see more 'Forums members there.

Chris Hatin


Thanks for the response. Like I said, your knives look really good. I just don't like chisel grind (flat on one side, grind on the other.) As far as flat grind (you call it the "v-grind") and hollow grind being being weaker than the chisel grind, it's probably true. However, I just find these grinds taking a better edge and cutting better for me. I'm not sure the weakness is that significant unless the steel is heat treated wrong. I am guessing based on the fact that I have hollow and flat grind knives by several different makers that seemed to have held up pretty well cutting nothing harder than wood. But then again I haven't try to cut or chop into metal with them.

I'll check in every so often to catch one of your "v-grind."


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