Hattori Damascus Kitchen Knives - Comments?


Jun 30, 1999
Hattori is a Japanese make of damascus chef and kitchen knives, with a core of VG10? Anyone know about these knives? Are they worth the money. Any custom alternatives you'd suggest?
That was a very good review, thanks!
I saw these on www.laganetlimited.com
and I've only traded emails with the Canadian distributer - he's in the Toronto area.
As an important follow-up to that review:

I've used the knife for a while longer, and the performance continues to impress me. HOwever, at one point I handed the knife to a friend to carve a turkey. He may have been a little rough with it, but nothing out of hand. When I got the knife back, it had 3 pretty big chips. This kind of jibes with my observations in the earlier review, when there were 4 miniscule chips.

I believe the hardness of the steel, combined with the extremely thin edge, makes this knife unsuitable for working around bone. For sticking with just meat and vegetables, on a wood cutting board, I can almost guarantee it will be the best cutting kitchen knife you've used. The edge will last long, but is a bit brittle.


Originally posted by HJK:
Are they worth the money.
I think they're pretty good value for money and worth all of it, although it's reasonable to expect they'd be cheaper and perform just as well if they'd been VG-10 all the way through, instead of laminated with 420J2/nickel (I think).

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