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Hattori & Moki knives arriving in North America

Oct 3, 1998
Thanks to Tom Lagan of LagaNet, best known around here as the Canadian distributor for Fallkniven, a couple of very respectable Japanese brands are now arriving in modest quantities in North America, causing me to spend a few hours scanning the samples he sent me.

The Hattori kitchen knives, including the Santoku that Joe Talmadge reviewed here a while back, are VG10 edge steel sandwiched between stainless damascus and welded to stainless bolster and tang, with black laminated wood handle slabs. Razor edges, sizes from 4" to 10 1/2" (105mm to 290mm), priced for cooks who carry Chris Reeve or William Henry.

Here's a medium size picture, with the blades turned sideways on the scanner for maximum contrast:

And a bunch more images, some of them rather large, in this index: http://www.chaicutlery.com/hattori/

Moki makes a lot of good knives for other companies, such as Spyderco among others, but they apparently don't sell many under their own name outside Japan. Laganet has picked up several models.


And more Moki images, some rather large, in this index: http://www.chaicutlery.com/moki/

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It can be noted that several, if not most, of these Moki knives are handmade.

Urban Fredriksson

"Smooth and serrated blades cut in two entirely different fashions."
- The Teeth of the Tyrannosaurs, Scientific American, Sep 1999

Great job - Awesome knives - please send me pricing on the Hattori kitchen knives, and Moki! Thanks.

Ray 'md2020'