He will be missed. J&S knives


Feb 26, 1999
I learned just recently that Joe Streitenberger of J&S Knives in Circleville, Ohio passed away last month while working at a local gun show. Joe was a hell of a good guy, as well as a real knife person. Best wishes go to his son Mark and his wife Sherry. Joe and his table were always crowded at every show. People would wait for up to a half hour to talk to him and just BS with the guy. His loss to the knife world,especially on a local level is huge.

It's always sad when a good knife guy leaves us. I didn't know Joe, but can understand your sense of loss. Condolences to all who knew Joe.
Hal,thanks for passing on the information about Joe, I hadnt heard.He was truely a nice guy to talk to and always new his knives. Him and Mark sold me many aknife in the last few years at most of the area gun shows around here in Ohio. I always looked forward to visiting him at his table to see what he had new. Rest in peace freind. For anyone wanting to send a word to Joes family the e-mail address is jsknives@bright.net


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Joe was definetly one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet. I always looked forward to stopping by and talking with him at a show. He always gave me excellent price breaks and I didn't even ask. He just did it because he was a good guy.

I knew selling was his main income, does anyone know if Sherry or Mark will keep the business going or do they have another source of income? I would hate to see his family go through hard times.

Joe, since you have a better connection now, do you know when those new SpyderCo's will be available? God Bless, you will be missed.
Thanks for the response guys. I agree Joe was good people. I believe Mark is going to continue the business. Joe and Mark split their time between North Ohio and Middle/South Ohio shows. I guess with Joe being gone, Mark will have to assume all the shows himself. Mark is a good guy, very into the knife business, especially the custom end, I wish him the best.
I am a very sad knife enthusiast and human being right now. I just read about Joe Streitenberger's passing on another thread. I don't know how I missed this one. Joe was my favorite dealer and I always located his table first thing when I went to the Louisville, Lexington, and Cincinnati shows. I looked for him at the Louisville show last weekend and couldn't understand why he wasn't there. He was the nicest and most professional dealer around these parts. My condolences to Mark and Sherry. They are the ones that will suffer from his passing as I believe he is in a better place right now. He will be missed.
Paul Davidson
Mark: Welcome to Bladeforums. I saw your post in the Boker thread. Your Dad is really missed by everyone that knew him.