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Oct 2, 1998
Ok guys I said along time ago I would let you know where we stand on certain things. Here is our income from our Amazon.com link. As you can see we don't make much.

So if any of you want to get some books on knive collecting, or whatever, please use the links found in our books and video section. Each time you do it codes a link so we get credit here at BladeForums to pay the $500 minimum we now pay a month to host this site.
All help is greatly appreciated. Also buy some T-Shirts even if they don't fit!

As a bonus I have extended the sale for this entire month on the Kershaw knives at the BF Store!
<a href="http://www.bladeforums.com/store/knives/kershaw.html ">Click Here for Kershaw Talons at only $39.95!</a>

Weekly Activity Report for bladeforumscom


Summer is finally here and we've gathered this Summer's most popular
newly released videos, DVDs, books and music to help you update your
site. From Austin Powers & Advanced Tae-Bo to the best Summer reads
in 18 subject areas, we've got what you need to help you enhance your
site's store. Visit the July Associates Newsletter often as we'll
continue to add exciting new products and information throughout the
month. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/stores/newsletter

Quarter-to-date Items Ordered: 69
Quarter-to-date Qualified Item Revenue: 978.54
Quarter-to-date Referral Fees: 66.28
Click-throughs and sales by individual item
For the week of 27-Jun-1999 through 03-Jul-1999
Store ID bladeforumscom
---------- ------ ----- ----- ------- --------------------------------------
0873491890 5 Levine's Guide to Knives and Their
1 0 3.35 sold at 20% off list price of 27.95
0865680787 4 Tanto : Japanese Knives and Knife
087349882/ 4 *** Invalid product code in link
087341389X 3 How to Make Knives
1 0 1.67 sold at 20% off list price of 13.95
0873643542 3 Balisong : The Lethal Art of Filip
1 0 1.68 sold at 20% off list price of 14.00
0873645448 3 Knives, Knife Fighting, and Relate
1 0 1.44 sold at 20% off list price of 12.00
6302424917 3 Surviving Edged Weapons
6304968418 3 Winning a Street Knife Fight
0873414136 2 The International Blade Collectors
0873415841 2 Ed Fowler's Knife Talk : The Art &
0873416457 2 Knives '99 (Serial)
0873644840 2 Put 'Em Down, Take 'Em Out : Knife
0873647408 2 Knife Fighting : A Practical Cours
0878571817 2 Step-By-Step Knifemaking : You Can
0961383461 2 Knives Points of Interest Book IV
6304968000 2 Practical Knife Fighting,Vol.1
0897500229 1 Knife Self-Defense for Combat (Spe
1 0 1.55 sold at 20% off list price of 12.95
0317940376 1 Secrets of Modern Knife Fighting
0676601367 1 Official Price Guide to Collector
0873413903 1 How to Make Folding Knives/a Step-
0873491955 1 Knives '98
0873641884 1 Slash and Thrust
0873644476 1 Pananandata Yantok at Daga
0879474246 1 Bloody iron
088740118X 1 Sharpening and Knife Making
0913902020 1 Encyclopedia of Pocket Knives/Book
0938263137 1 Everybody's Knife Bible : The All-
0939427141 1 Combat and Survival Knives : A Use
0940005034 1 Knife and Pistol Fighting
188737437X 1 Knifemaking : A Complete Guide to
9991019685 1 Making Folding Knives
0873491882 0 Gun Digest Book of Knives
0 1 0.80 sold at 20% off list price of 19.95
087364025X 0 Cold Steel
0 1 0.80 sold at 20% off list price of 19.95
0873640845 0 Kill or Get Killed : Riot Control
0 1 1.22 sold at 18% off list price of 29.95
0873648498 0 Modern Knife Combat : The Training
0 1 1.22 sold at 30% off list price of 34.95
0873648994 0 A Professional's Guide to Ending V
0 1 0.84 sold at 20% off list price of 21.00
188452818X 0 Secrets of the Sword
0 1 0.80 sold at 20% off list price of 19.95
1892515040 0 The Secret History of the Sword
0 1 0.80 sold at 20% off list price of 19.95
---------- ------ ----- ----- ------- --------------------------------------
Totals: 59 5 7 $ 16.18
ISBN/ASIN home page search other
--------------------- ----------- --------- --------- --------- ---------
Number of Visitors on 27-Jun-1999 9 0 2 0
Number of Visitors on 28-Jun-1999 4 1 0 0
Number of Visitors on 29-Jun-1999 2 1 1 0
Number of Visitors on 30-Jun-1999 2 0 1 0
Number of Visitors on 01-Jul-1999 5 0 1 0
Number of Visitors on 02-Jul-1999 4 0 1 0
Number of Visitors on 03-Jul-1999 4 0 0 0
--------------------- ----------- --------- --------- --------- ---------
Total Visitors this week 30 2 6 0

The column labeled "HITS" represents the number of times one of your
visitors clicked on your link to this item. This column can help you
gauge your visitors' interest in the items you are recommending.
NOTE: Zero hits is a perfectly normal result! It usually means that
the item was ordered by somebody who followed your link to our home
page, used your Amazon.com search box or followed your link directly
to another recommended item and then ordered this item as they browsed
through our site. In a few cases, it might mean that the customer
added the item to their shopping basket during a visit from you during
a prior week and only just finalized their order.
The two columns beneath the heading "ORDERED" are labeled "DIR." and
"NDIR" - these columns show you the number of copies ordered for each
listed item during the week. Note that the item's title appears on a
separate line above the hits and order quantities.
The "DIR." column refers to directly linked items - the individual
products you recommended to your visitors. If a visitor follows your
link to one of these items and then places the item in their shopping
basket on the resulting web page, the quantity they order will appear
in this column. Items in this column earn either 5% or 15% referral
fees, depending on their selling price and whether they are books or
other, non-book products.
The "NDIR" column refers to all other items that your visitors added
to their shopping baskets during their visit. This includes any item
ordered during a visit that begins when somebody follows your link to
our home page or uses the Amazon.com search box on your site. If you
provide only these kinds of links then all resulting orders would show
up in this column. Items in this column earn 5% of their selling
The column labeled "REFERRAL FEE" represents the referral fees your site
has earned on orders. Please remember that we pay you based on orders
*shipped*, so your actual Referral Fee may be somewhat lower than the
fee stated here.
Only after these orders are paid for and shipped will they actually
count toward your referral fee. Some of these orders may later be
cancelled, customers' credit cards may be declined and occasional
returns should be expected; in any of these cases, the referral fee
will not be earned.
A "Visitor" is a person who clicks on links from your site, and is
counted as 1 visitor (above) regardless of the number of different
titles they click on. We keep track of this by watching their
shopping basket ID, which remains the same for every click they make
during their visit. There are 3 columns in the visitor count section:
The "ISBN/ASIN" column shows you the number of unique visitors who
followed one or more of your links to specific items during the week.
The "amz home" column shows you the number who followed your link to
the Amazon.com home page during the week. Lastly, the "search" column
contains visitors who used your Amazon.com search box.
1) Visitors are unique within each column, but the same visitor will
be represented in EACH column that applies. As an example, if only
one visitor used your links during the week but used both your search
box and a link to a specific item, the report would show 1 visitor in
each of those columns.
2) A "Hit" is any person clicking on a special link, and each click is
counted as 1 hit. If the same visitor clicks on 5 different titles,
we record 1 visitor in the "ISBN/ASIN" column and 5 hits. Therefore,
you should expect the number of visitors to be lower than the total
number of hits in most cases.
Thanks again for your participation in the Amazon.com Associates
program. Have a great week!
Tom Schonhoff
Amazon.com Associates Program

So there you have it so now go buy some books and let's see what the next report looks like!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Well the report is hard to read when it is not formatted but it says we made a whopping $66 bucks! Yahoooo! NOT

Anyway go buy some books using the links in the message above

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Who has time to read anything but BladeForums?

David Rock

Stop when you get to bone.
Mike recommend some good knife books
for us to buy..........I.E self defence..
sharpening... spelling etc etc.....If you hear it from YODA the jedi's will listen....
I used the link last night, I am still not quite sure if non-knife related books, or music orders help out the Bladeforums?

Yeah, Amazon carries The Razor Edge Book of Sharpening, but they are currently out.

Hey Mike, you really ought to include this in the books section.
We will update the site ASAP with new books. Also if you use our link and do not disconect we will get credit. Thanks guys for all the help. We will try to get into more affiliate programs soon.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

All I want to know is what the heck kind of book is "Bloody Iron".. Reminds me of when I was a kid and I bugged my mom too much while she was doing laundry....
"Bloody Iron"'s full title is "Prison's bloody Iron, Deadly Knife Fighting Tactics Revealed"
It's about knife fighting tactics learned and used in prison.

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It's easier to get forgiveness than permission.
As i said...reminds me of when I bugged my mom too much when she was doing laundry...lol