Hello&Help again

Sep 26, 1999
After all the great help I spent all day today reworking my web page,still have to edit the spelling though. Would you check it out again and give me your thoughts http://www.homestead.com/beknives1/beknives5.html .Just finished up a couple of new Knives,will have them posted this weekend. Thanks to everybody who helped....Bruce

Very nice!
Your school demonstration shows that you're not just a excellent bladesmith but an outstanding father!! I am sure you produced some future knife enthusiasts that day too..
My webpage is an ongoing project! At this point I'm keeping it a one page site. I have enough pictures and other items to expand it, I just don't have the time!!!

Bravo! A very solid re-engineering of your website. I especially liked the new compartmentalization of the various aspects of your life and business.

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Show definite improvement from the last time I looked. The effiecient access to each area is nice. Good navigation.

Nice knives too!
I'm glad everybody is saying that I did ok on my web page. Know I have got to get to work in the shop.It's more fun than working on that web site. I know correct the spelling---I'm working on it.