Help needed making back sheath for machete!


Jul 15, 1999
Hey there I am currently looking for a large bush knife! i.e. a kukri or machete. I also was wondering if anyone knows how to make whatever sheath comes with it into a back carry system? Any ideas please help. Thanks Geoff. PS if anyone has a good quality knife in that catagory and is willing to sell it please let me know by email at Thanks Guys and Gals
Well Gunner,
Khukuris don't lend themselves to back carry as such (with over the shoulder draw or down and out "Dundee" style rigs). For more info about khukuries take yourself over to the HI Forum.

As for Machettes are concerned. the best made is a Martindale. They are made in Birmingham, England. I've got an over the shoulder rig that I made, something like the wood ones that they use in Jamaica.
I don't know about modifying original sheaths, but I can tell you that making a sheath for a khukuri is a HUGE hassle! I did one for a customer (haven't heard back from him yet to see what he thought) and it menaced me big time! Good luck is all I have to say! Also look at AKI Machetes for a great stainless tool.

My Custom Kydex Sheath page
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I have a 12" Barteax Heavy Duty Machete and a sheath for it, but the sheath is less than optimal.

I am thinking that one may want to get a leather sheath.

I just got a 18" of the same style and make. I am thinking of getting one of the sheathes they sell.

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I think the way to sheath a machete would be on the side of a backpack, handle down, spine forward.

That way you reach back and gravity helps you draw the knife in the reverse grip.

Then it is fairly easy to change grips.

Chiro --

You're a sheath guy, right? How difficult and expensive would it be for you to make a kydex sheath for a 12" or 18" machete (use Ontario as the standard)? How expensive to couple the sheath with some kind of rig system to make it a back sheath?

Ontario Knife makes a heavy black plastic composition sheath for the 18" machete. You can get the sheaths black or olive drab (looks like desert tan). They run about $9.00.

This might be a way to start, just add straps.