HELP!! (please?)

Jun 29, 1999
I've been hearing about premade traps and snares, where can I get some? Anybody got some drawings of traps/snares, especially triggers, with short explanation please.
Email me, or post the pics here.


Joe-just an idea, but from what I've observed here at BF Jeff Randall is your man. I'd email him with any and all questions, or go to his site (I don't have it handy, but scan through the topics to see if Jeff posted any himself)
Brigade Quarter Master sells wire snares, I think U.S. Calvary does too, both large and small. They both have web sites, and the ability to order online, although I don't have address.

Joe, I believe this is what you're looking for, pasted over from the Brigade Quartermasters site at

- Jeff

SPEEDHOOK™ Emergency Fishing & Snare Trapping Kit. Foolproof spring-loaded device activates when fish take the bait, even if you have never put a pole in the water. Authorized kit for USAF SERE, Navy SEALs, Coast Guard and Special Ops.

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