Help the DAV - One of a kind INFI Battle Mistress Auction!


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Oct 2, 1998
Jerry Busse called me and asked that I forward the following information on to the forums, and help spread the word.

Jerry is donating a one of a kind, tricked out INFI Battle Mistress to help the local DAV raise money for Ambulances/Transportation. The knife he has specially made for this auction is truly unique.

It features:<UL>[*]18% Nickel Silver furnishings.
[*]Double Bolsters
[*]Desert Ironwood handles
[*]Highly Polished Blade and Handles
[*]Is marked 1 of 1.</LI>[/list]

Again, this is an INFI Battle Mistress, which typically retail for $800.

The opening bid on this knife is going to be for $1000 and I have it on good authority that the price will probably be rising quite quickly. The goal of the auctions is to raise $12,000 total, and I'd personally like to see a good chunk of it come from this knife.

So, let's help out those who have defended this country and spread the word about this auction.

Bids will have to be faxed in no later than 9 AM on Thursday of this week.

The Fax number to send your bid to is: 317 635 7851, make the fax ATTN Jim Powers

Jim can be reached by phone at 317.632.9266.

Thanks for your help!


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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Kevin, while reality forces me to temper my excitement about being able to bid on this knife, I think many of us would appreciate a picture to be able to see it. It sounds like a truly wonderful piece. Any ideas where a pic might be found?

Don LeHue

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In a word, WOW! Got a picture?

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Unfortunately, I do not. From what Jerry says (and Aubrey, I just got off the phone with her), this is a beautiful piece.

Call Busse Combat and ask about it if you are interested, but make sure that your faxes get in 9 AM on Thursday.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for

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