Help with knife terminology

May 10, 1999
This is a quotation from CS web page: "What's more, as an added bonus, each Stainless Trail Master® is equipped with a beautiful rolled edge, capable of easily severing 4" or more of free hanging manila rope!"
My question is: What is "rolled edge"?? English is not my mother tongue - so plase help me understand. Pictures would be appreciated as well.
The "rolled edge" is what Cold Steel ca.lls the convex edge as developed by Bill Moran. The final bevel of the edge has an outward curve to it. In my experience, a Carbon V Trailmaster Bowie, I have not found it to be all that great. My normal, straight edged Randall cuts rather better.

BTW, before any CS fans yell, my Carbon V Bowie goes back to the very first production and it distinctly has a "rolled edge".

Walk in the Light,

I don't know. I have put my CS Trailmaster away as a collector, since I love Bowies. I no longer use it or try to sharpen it. I had considered re-profiling the edge to a flat bevel. Perhaps someone else may help you.

Walk in the Light,

Re: sharpening a Moran, Convex or sometimes known as appleseed edges. I do it two ways. If you have a belt grinder you can use the slackbelt portionand conform the belth to the convex (I usually put edge down and slowly brush upwards). If using sharpening stones instead of pushing cutting edge into stone try using like a strop. Edge towards you push away from body while slowly rocking towards cutting edge. Feel free to contact me regarding any questions.
Dave Ellis, ABS, Mast