Here are some pics, open for commentary!

Feb 4, 1999
Thanks, Imagestation! I haven't been able to post links to pics for a long time. Screw Yahoo/Geocities.

<center><img src=""></center>
This is my EDC. Small, but the sharpest knife on earth, or at least that I have felt!

<center><img src=""></center>
5" drop point (OAL is 5") with koa scales. Nice temper line on this one.

<center><img src=""></center>

Here's the drop point from the other side. Scales are finished with several coats of tung oil and a light waxing.

<center><img src=""></center>

A picture comparing my EDC, the Spyderco Military, and Fred Perrin's Street Surgeon! Wow!
Beautiful balance on the drop point! I really like the way those Koa scales look...

Hard to tell but they have mosaic pins, correct?

Running Dog
I really like the 5" drop point. It looks truly useful. Would almost think that a larger version might make a heck of a kitchen or camp knife, tho suppose the blade can't get too high from top to bottom.

How much does it weigh, Chiro? Have you gotten to the sheath stage yet? Seems like it would be good with either leather or Kydex/Concealex. Very good for belt backup, or utility.
Bruce- thanks! It really is sharp, I'm not just being stupid! I tempererd at a low temp, too, so the edge is pretty hard and the thicg is very thinly ground with a convex edge. Add it all together on a high carbon steel and the thing is so sharp it's weird!<p>

Running Dog- the koa turned out different from expected. It doesn't have the shimmery, curly effect that it sometimes does, but it looks cool all the same. Looks like rag Micarta in these pictures, although it's obviously wood in person! The pins are actually just 1/8" brass, solid, no mosaic.<p>

Bugs- I cut this one from 1" wide stock, although I could raise the handle a bit if I used 1.5" wide. Anything more and I'd have to have them cut from sheet. Sheath will be Concealex, although I am not a big fan of wood/Concealex mix (to me, a wood handle needs leather), and I'll do the regular vertical/horizontal/crossdraw/IWB/neck carry combo. If I can get good scans of it when it is totally complete I'll post it!
Gee, I like them both. Good clean simple lines on the droppoint and I have a soft spot for the EDC style knives. That is a serious temper line on the thing. Nice work.
Thanks, Peter. The "EDC" sort of morphed into what I call a Persian Humpback that I sold to a forumite. That knife was really my best work ever, and I have pics, but I need to get them developed and scanned. When I do I will post them here. For a while I was getting incredible temper lines, and lately they haven't been as nice. I don't know what I am doing differently, but it's something because they just aren't coming out right anymore. The one drawback to the etched finish, though, is durability. My Concealex sheaths scuff them up pretty easily, although if you like knives that look like they get a lot of use, this is a good way to make them look pretty well used!:cool:
I understand about the finish. I just completed one very close to your EDC that I called a Ulu style skinner. I also considered it one of my best although that isn't saying much. I hated to put it in a sheath at all so I looked at it for a while and then remembered that I built them to use. Didn't really matter though, my daughter saw it and went through the usual "can I please have it" routine. She added it to her collection of my junk so I guess it won't get scratched!
<font face=arial size=4 color=indigo><b> I love the little guy!, the little drop point! Really nice hafting and overall appeal...

regards, mitch

ps. you going to that ABS hammer in?
Mitch, I haven't made a choice yet. I'd like to, but I have some other events those weeks, and next week my practice is finally opening up! I need to channel everything I have into that. A lot depends on what is going on with patients at the time of the Hammer-In, too, so I have to sort of wait and see. If I can afford to go, I will go, as it seems like a pretty good opportunity.
Nice knives! I really like that drop point. So how 'bout it, are those some of your mosaic pins? Great stuff!

Guys, those aren't mosaic pins at all. Just 1/8" brass! Do they look like mosaic pins in the picture? I don't think so. Maybe it's because I know they aren't. Which picture makes them look like mosaic pins to you? I wish I had 1/8" mosaic pins. That would be really classy! Just plain ol' brass on this one.
The forward pin on the second photo of your drop point looks like kind of star. Anyway, got me to thinking, so another great benefit!

Yeah, I see it now. Must be a reflection of some sort. Whatcha thinking about now? Star-shaped pins?