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Sep 21, 1999
We've all heard the term "Penknife", right?
Oh, sorry.... forgot this wasn't a Live Chatroom
Anyways, how many people know the origin of the term "Pen Knife"?
If you DO know the answer, to avoid spoiling the surprise for the Forumites that DON'T know the answer, just type a simple little clue below.
For example, if the question was "What is the square root of the number 16?"
Your clue could be "2x2".

Get it?

Here's another example...
If the question was "What was the name of the first president of the United States?"
Your clue could be: "Martha's Stud".

Get it NOW?

I'm figuring that someone'll let the cat outta the bag before long, so I'm not gonna mention a prize to the winner.
However, if someone HONESTLY guesses correctly, they will be eligible(sp?) to win a handfull of week old mayonnaise with extra cheese.

Thank you for your (assumed) sympathy,
Vampire Gerbil

Vampire Gerbil: similar to a domestic gerbil, except for the odd accent and little black cape.

Here's a simple answer: DAERTNACYNNHOJ


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If I win could you make it limburger? It's fun to slather on engine blocks of people you don't like. The mayo should give it an extra kick. LLL

Stray beat me to it. He must have a better etymology site than I do

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb

Nah, I'm just middle-aged and read alot so I know everything (fkia). By the way, what's etymology?
OK, here's another 1. What's "LLL"? Clue: It ain't got nothing to do with "LOL".
I think it's time to put a door on that microwave buddy!

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.


Etymology is the study of origin of words like penknife.

So what is LLL and SKIA? La Leche League?

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb

And did you know that G.Washington was NOT the first president of the U.S. .....Anybody know who it really was?
G.W. even sent him a note congradulating him on his new position.

"War to the knife and knife to the hilt"

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Funny misque! David, it was "fkia" and the last 3 words are "know it all". The LLL was a weak attempt at boots throwing in the extra kick. Ok, it was the best I could come up with, spank you very much (*|*) or a big fat spank you very much: ( * | * ) or a dirty spank you very much: (*) ...

The first president, appointed by congress was John Henson (sp?). George Washington was first President elected by popular vote.

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fairly obvious clues- oh well- only working on 1 cup of coffee this morning...

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