Hey Sal I love the G-10 Police

Jul 2, 2000
Sal I know you are in here quite a bit, and I just wanted to tell you I love the G-10 Police model. I've had mine for about a month now and I have not found a thing wrong with it, or a cutting chore it couldn't handle. It's a great knife. I just have 1 question. Will you ever offer it with a black blade?
Hi USAFSP. Thanx for the kind words. I am fond of the design myself, part of my daily rotation.

Unforutuanely it's not a really good seller. Most seem to prefer the "Classic" ss Police model.

Is that because it looks a lot like the Military but without CPM 440V? Oh and its a lockback?

I think it looks great as well, it is on my 'must have' list when I get a job:rolleyes: !
I have two Spyderco fav's and they are the G-10 Police and a Wegner. I carry the Police in the off season, and it is a great user. It handles all the hard use tasks to the smallest. The Police model in my opinion is one of the best Spydies made.

Maybe I need to get one of these to keep my new SS Police model company.

Uh oh...not a good seller..sounds like a candidate for being discontinued Sal...:( I sure hope not. I've been thinking about getting one for a long time now, and after seeing the G10 handle on the Renegade, I think I will. I never thought G10 was strong enough on it's own, but I believe I was wrong. Love my Endura by the way. Wouldn't mind seeing that with a G10 handle either...hehe;) Chris
You really can't go wrong with the Police in either G-10 or Stainless. It's got a lot of blade, and is a mean cutter. For an all around knife, it's awesome. I wish that Spyderco would offer it in a black blade though. Something like the finish on the Black G-10 LUM. Please don't discontinue this knife Sal Maby if you guys try a new sales pitch or a black blade, sales would be higher. Just offering some suggestions.