Hey Spark! I Guess The Natives Are Coming And WE'RE Restless!


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Oct 2, 1998
I noticed on one of my credit card bills this month that I was charged for the BF Native. That must mean they are on their way. Can't wait to check out this little blue handled 440V beauty. Thanks.
If you ordered a Native, and you didn't get a sheath, your knife went out today on UPS (to make sure none came up missing).

If you ordered a sheath, we're hoping they will get here next week, and they will go out at that time. We're waiting on the Concealex to be extruded, but Mike Sastre and Victor Kelly are both raring to make this happen.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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Ehehehe... once the guys get their Blue Native, that's when the fun will begin.

Thanks Spark! I am looking forward to it! I also ordered a new Spyderco sharpener... This will be better than Christmas!
you guys are doing me in!

the BF Native is my second $100 knife of 1999. the only reason I'm happy to have missed the Blade Show is I know I would've dropped some big bucks there.

nothing like a knifenuts' forum to whet the appetite...

(waitin' for the big brown truck)