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HK USP .45 Fullsize 12rd Magazines w/ Wolff XP Springs!

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Apr 14, 2011
Up for sale are (11)ea HK USP Fullsize 12 round magazines w/ Wolff XP Springs.
Mags have been sitting in the safe and have not been used. Wrapper removed, Wolff XPs installed, and then stored.
I had the bottoms of the floor plates marked with a pen and the ink has been removed.
Pretty sweet deal for these mags - especially considering they come with the XP springs so snatch them up if ya need them!

** Enough interest so I'll deviate from the original package deal and sell separately.

The price per mag (1ea) will be $SOLD$ shipped to your door CONUS. I accept PayPal......should be able to get to the post office first thing tomorrow morning for those who snatch them up right away.

Call out the number you intend to purchase in the thread so people know what's left and shoot me a PM and I'll get back to you with paypal addy as soon as I take care of some business....thanks guys


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I'd prefer all or none but I suppose I'm open to splitting them up depending on how many you're interested in
I'll take some as well. Keep me posted if splitting becomes an option. Thank you
Package deal can be broken up since there seems to be enough interest.....OP updated
(7)ea left......I'll have two out in the morning to xxwarderxx & fatboyclone. Enjoy fellas
Dang....I missed the boat. If there are any left or something falls through put me at the top of the list please.
Great, thanks Matt.....I'll leave the thread open so I can update when I ship. Still hoping to get them out today but I can't guarantee it. Will get them out tomorrow morning for sure though! Thanks and hope everyone enjoys....I'll keep everyone up to date.
I just got home so it's going to be tomorrow when I'm able to get the mags out to you guys. It's a priority, just been swamped with the rest of life....I'll PM you all the details with tracking as soon as I can!
Alright guys....got all 4 boxes out to the 4 of you today. I'm about to plug in the tracking numbers via IM so shoot me an email if you have any problems from this point forward - I'll go ahead and close the thread
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