Holiday Wishes and Thanks to All for a Great Year!

Oct 3, 1998
This is the season where it is customary to count one's blessings. I have and it is overwhelming. These forums, the great folks I've met here, the custom knife and sheath makers I've had a blast working with, the manufacturers' that have placed great products in my hands and have shown what real customer service is all about.... all this and more.

To all and your families, I wish you nothing but the best this holiday season and for an even more rewarding 1999!


Bald is beautiful! Rub a dome for luck today!

I'd like to second Bob's holiday wishes. I too have met a lot of nice folks and dealers through this forum and and I would like to thank everyone for their advice and fellowship.

I would also like to thank my 'mentor' for being really patient teaching this puddle pirate a thing or two about steel.

Happy Holidays All and Happy New Year


Greg Mete
Kodiak Alaska
I to would like to wish every one the best for the coming year. I hope that all of you get the knives that you want from the fat man in the red suit.
I've said before and I'll say it again.

Peace to all and to all a good knife.
I would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a peaceful and fulfilling New Year. Being able to contribute to this forum and learn from it has added a new dimension to my interest in knives and I am very grateful for the friendships I have made here. I hope to see some of you next year if you make it "down under".

Take care,

Some people make things happen, some watch while things happen, and some wonder "What happened :(".