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Nov 8, 1998
Before I had a wife and three year old son, I would often carry either a Western Bowie with a 9 1/2" blade or a Randall Model 1 with an 8" blade when I was at home. Now I carry a concealed Polkowski Scorpion at home. This is to keep things peaceful with the wife who doesn't like me carrying around my knives and gun especially with my son around.

Do any of you carry different knives at home than what you carry on the street? If so, what do you regularly carry at home?

Around the house on weekends I tend to carry either my Lab Rat or David Boye hunter on my belt. I have about a dozen nieces and nephews, and they are getting used to the fact that Uncle Steve always has a knife on his belt, and that they are not allowed to handle it unless they have a legitimate cutting chore to do, and their mothers approve.

My in-laws are slowly getting used to the bali-song nut in the family.

Hi Axel, when I get home from work I like to carry one of my lightweight knives, A Spyde Michael Walker, or my CS ultralock(I wish they would bring that model back). BTW, my three kids,(well my first two, the third is only 3)grew up with knives and guns. When the older two were 5 or 6, I showed them my guns and knives, let them handle them and answered any questions they had. The rule was they could touch them whenever they wanted as long as I was with them. That took the mystery out of it all and I never had to worry if they were going to play with them alone. Just thought I would let you know.
Ummm...you guys are switching carry setups that often? I mean...damn. If "the balloon goes up" you're gonna hafta do a "mental inventory".

My 5.5" AlMar is *always* in the same place except when actually at work. The Outsider is on as often as possible, and the front right pocket holds one of two items, depending on legal climate. But if I've gotta act *now*, I know where "Big Al" is.

Jim March

I was wondering when you and the Outsider were going to chime in. I also had that concern about switching my carry knives. I normally carry my KFF in my right pocket. When I'm at home I add my Scorpion to the right front hip position. Then I would switch my KFF to my left pocket so that I would have a left hand accessible knife. The problem was that I was so used to carrying it on my right that I would forget where it was. Now I keep the KFF in the right pocket even when I have the Scorpion. Jim, since you can't always carry the Outsider, do you worry that you might reach for it in a bad situation and you won't be carrying it? I wonder about that with my Scorpion. Or else I'll end up going for my folder even though I have my fixed blade on.


I would also like to familiarize my son to guns and knives when he gets older. He's already pretty knowledgeable about my knives. My wife wasn't too happy when he started to take a fighting stance with his toy knife and start slashing at her. Kids can pick up a lot from watching you. At least my wife was the one who bought the toy knife so she can't blame me for that.

At home, I usually walk around with my Dozier Tootpick clipped to my underwear. This is largely for utility, and its compact size and weight makes it the only knife I can have on me at all times.

Now, I'm ready to update my inventory again. While we do have guns in the house, they are always locked away. I'm looking for a self defense tool I can have on me all the time. Since guns are too heavy to be comfortable for me, I've opted for a knife instead. And since we're talking about home, I can carry any kind of knife I want, so I've opted for a fixed blade.

At home, about the only time I don't have a weapon ready is when I'm in the bathroom. Sitting on the throne is ok, but the knife is off my body. I'd like to have it on me. And I'm totally unarmed when I'm taking a shower. I'd like to be able to take my knife into the shower with me (but not on me

Since this is my biggest gap, I started my evaluations with the blade material. I know of only two materials that was impervous to water, and that was Titanium and composite ceramics. In short, it was a toss-up between Mission MPK or Mad Dog's Mirage X series. Mission's knives was a little more than I liked in terms of bulk. The Mirage is very expensive. Both are good choices, but since this is for home self-defense, not the UDT, it was more than what I actually needed.

So, I kept looking and decided to go with what I thought was the next best thing: Coated stainless steel. My Black-Ti AFCK have held up so well against corrosion that it convinced me the concept was adequate for my needs.

One day, someone mentioned TH Rinaldi. I checked out his website and there is was, the Warhawk. Tactical tanto design. I like it so long as the blade is long enough to provide plenty of edge for slicing. And of course, it was. I like chisel grind about as much as I like a hole in my head, but I love the V flat grind. It's got that. It had to be stainless steel, and TH Rinaldi can have it made out of BG-42. Big plus there. And of course, it'll be coated. He offers the handle in G-10, which is not only my personal preference, but IMHO, the ideal material to have if I plan to take it into the shower. And now, he makes his sheaths out of Concealex. And he can do it all well within the $200 price range. Talk about pushing all the right buttons for me. About the only thing I'd ask for is for him to round off the pommel and deepen the finger grooves, and I can't imagine that being a problem.

Now, the decision isn't final. I guess what I'm really asking for is what the rest of you folks think? Should I keep looking?

Anyhow, whatever it is, I plan to have it worn in such a way that I can have it on me even when I'm sitting on the John, the other "big gap" I wanted to address to. After thinking about it, I decided that a shoulder harness is probably the best way to go. I was thinking about draping the knife upside down over my left breast, similar to where many military folks put their knives. And since it has to fit right, it means I will have to go at it with some needle and thread.

But anyways, what do you folks think about this? Anybody got a better idea?

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At home as outside usually either a Mad Dog Rat Thing or Wild Thing. But I my Remington 870 is usually not too far away.

Take Care,


"Every Dog Has His Day"


I have also given the shower area some thought. I may go with a Polkowski/Kasper Gaunt neck knife. The knife is 100% 440C steel, and the sheath is Kydex with a SS ball chain. I plan to coat the Gaunt with Marine Tuf-Cloth and hang the chain over the shower head. I'll dry the knife and sheath off after the shower.

An openly carried (outside the clothes) neck knife might also work on the toilet if the chain isn't too long.

I carry my fixed blade knives when I'm at home, as I don't have to worry about being discrete! Right now my new knife by James Mattis is #1 in the rotation, it's filling the total utility role, whether it's cutting up an apple, making a tomato/onion sandwich,
cutting down cardboard boxes or trimming errant branches on the bush by the front gate, it's doing it all at present. And holding up quite well I might add.
I'm not sure about the idea of switching what I have on me just because I am home. My KFF is in my right pant pocket, in or out of the home. Reaching for it is second nature -- no thought. I think wearing one in your pocket out side and then switching to a sheathed fixed on the belt introduces a possible element of confusion when you may least afford that. While not keep the folder where it is and just ad the fixed blade.

Sometimes, of course, I don't have pants with pockets on. In which case I have a sweatshirt with side pockets, I always keep a bigger folder there.

In bed, I prefer sleeping with my wife rather than a blade...
I keep a Seal Pup sheathed and hanging just under the edge of the bed frame where I can reach and extract.

I sometimes wonder whether getting too many "goodies" may be tempting fate. We want to alternate wear and use (to justify the purchases) but at the expense of possibly slowing/tripping ourselves up if and when the situation arises. Having said that, I am looking forward to Carnivour and, later, the Spydie MCBF. But these will just alternate with the KFF in the same ole usual place in pant pocket.

my .02

I think Sing has hit on an interesting but fairly controversial subject. That of to many knives and switching between them. I agree with Sing about questioning the good sense of it. I have heard a lot about carrying one knife for chores and another for defense that is kept extra sharp and not used.I use knives every single day at work. A Sebenza and a custom by stamascus. Since i use them so often I have become intimatly familiar with them. That extension of your hand feel we all strive for comes from this intimacy. I dont even think about these knives anymore. I can be half way up a tree holding on with one hand and they just materialize in my other. I have drawn, opened and switched to reverse grip if need be in some comprimising positions without a thought. just happens. Put it away just as easily. people dont even see it happen.Suddenly there is a knife in my hand.They absolutly float around in my hand. Is it some secret ninja trick. NO i just use them so often its second nature. Ask an alectrician about his screwdriver or a carpenter about his hammer. I dont ascribe to the different knives for different occasions. get a couple that you love and LIVE WITH THEM. In a defensive situation I would rather pit my slightly duller lived with knife rather than a really sharp knife that Im not as comfortable with. Soooooo since my custom has wood scales my sebenza is my shower knife. Never wash without it. Besides it gets cleaned out I oil it and pass it a couple times with an extra fine stone.