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Home Shopping Channel

Oct 3, 1998
There was a thread on the HSC awhile back but I had never seen "The Knife Collectors Show" until last weekend. The two guys on the show were such hucksters that I ended up laughing the entire show. It was like a carnival or county fair. Even my wife, who knows and cares nothing about knives said, "If they look that shoddy on TV, imagine how they'll look in real life." Now, I have nothing against cheap knock-offs. They fit the cutlery needs for millions of people. But when they brought out 7 or 8 tactical folders for $75 and said, "These are the good ones. These are the ones we carry", I almost spit iced tea all over myself. I highly recommend this show for entertainment, not for the knives.


I've caught that show a few times late at night, and it is funny! I love the "bag o' knives" for like, 50 bucks! Definitely entertaining
They also talk like "Okies" and stick all the knives displayed into pieces of wood. The piece of wood is on a corosel and the knives often fall when jarred by another knife insertion.
It IS pretty funny

So is Franklin Mint stuff.
Yeah, and they call every blade either a "Booowie or a Tan-toe"! No matter what the shape!
They should call it the comedy hour. I'm laughing just reading this. I'm going to have to watch the show.
Laugh all you want. I was laughing at it the other day too (they had a line of various-sized Spydie/Benchmade ripoffs with bright plastic handles stuck in a piece of wood
) until my friend said "What's so funny? It looks like a deal to me."

Oh well. Like somebody said, for him it is a deal--he can't tell the difference between my new Benchmade and his Frost, so why should he pay for it? But it really is irritating to listen to them lie.
my girlfriends brother came over, he had to show me something. it was one of these things that his friend picked up from this show. it had a green plastic handled and it wasnt too sharp. he said his friend picked up 10 knives for $75 or something like that. it was funny and pitiful at the same time. I ended up giving him an extra BM CQC7 I had cause I couldnt stand to see anyone carrying one of those things.
Oh no...not the knife guys....always good late night entertainment when Conan OBrien (no relation
) is a repeat....I think the sword presentations are pretty funny, as are the paper-cutting demonstrations...

Hey, don't knock the Frostwood "Tan toe Serrated Drop Stop Run Clip Point Hawkbill Boo ee" or the "Jagwire" one handed opener.

Don't forget the whacking of the sword on the wall and the horseplay knife throwing.


Even my wife looked at me laughing and said boo eee. She knows nothing about knives and she even new that was crazy.
I saw it on Sunday at 4 pm. I've heard that it also runs late at night.


I've seen it several times...hilarious!
Thought it was the Red Green show at first...lol

Does anyone watch Red Green? I love that show!
Wow. I caught some infomercial at a Shell station on one of there TV screens that they have on gas pumps these days. 30 knives for $40. And they are "better than knives you would find for $100 apiece!"

Who buys that line of bull? I mean, even non-knife knuts, if they are educated consumers, should know to be somewhat wary.

There are low cost, high quality products in the world, yes. But you have to be careful.

As my Dad tells me my grandfather used to say, "It doesn't really cst any more to go first class."


PS Danelle, I love the Red Green Show. "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy"

My other favourite: "Nothing says poor craftsmanship like wrinkled duct tape"

Clay Fleischer

Picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue...

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The HSC idiots are on @ 0100 here in Central TX. First time we saw them (after turning the volume down, I guess if you talk loud it's more convincing) my Wife said " Well, I'm not an expert, but those look like cr*p to me, do you think they're worth the money" To which I replied, " No, I think I'd use rusty hub caps to cut with instead" I guess you had to be there....

I may be lost,
but I'm making real good time....................

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oh come on guys. i just recived my bag of knives for 40 dolars. these were some of the best tatical knives i have ever owned.
they were all strong and razor sharp!!
i highly recomend them!!
in fact i have just thrown my BM710 in the trash after handling these knives!!!

Tanto Man's double from the alternate universe is vanquished in a flash of Phaser fire.

im sorry about that guy who was just posting here. little dimentional experiment involving alternate universes going on at school.
dont be concerned everyone. people outside of the north eastern united states should not be affected that badly, but if you are sorry.

symptons may include buying cheap knives and believing the hype of the sportsman's dream series and the cutlery show on the HSC.
if you experience these symptoms you must email me and send me all your knives for safekeeping. after all, you do not want delusional people running around with knives do you?

How about the "Fantasy Starfighter Boo eee" which could easily go for "over $100.00"??!! My wife saw that show and asked me if I wanted "something like that" for a birthday present. I'm still explaining to her why one Randall knife @ $225.00 is better than 8 or 9 of these "deals" @ $100.00.
I've been watching the show for over a year - just for the entertainment mind you...
But I wonder who (and how many) the buyers are for "12 Tacticals for $89.00" or "15 `BIG-UNS' for $200.00"....
My favorite detail is the multiple bandages on the hawker's fingers. I've often watched them cut themselves.
The fact that they can cut their fingers with these knife-shaped objects is a testimony that they are good for something!
I wish we had that show in Finland
. The only knife-commercials on our HSC-equivalent are Shogun and (not any longer) Miracle Blade kitchen knife ads. I gotta admit, it makes me wonder why there is so much talk about different steel types and so on when the answer is simply "Shogun-knives have unique, micro-serrated blades that never need re-sharpening".

My two bits,