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Hope everyone has a Great Labor Day Weekend!

Oct 14, 1998
Everyone have a Great one. Please don't drink and drive - you all know the drill!

God bless.
Same to you Bob and fellow members!


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I get to spend the weekend playing with a chain saw. Clean up work at camp before we close it for the winter.

A lot of little knives attached to a chain and a motor. Definitely don't want to operate while intoxicated. (or drive for that matter.)

I don't know if I will take my laptop to camp for the weekend or not, if not I will see you guys on Monday or Tuesday.

Have fun, be safe.

I get to go to the opening UF football game...it's been far too long (over 9 months)
Y'all have a nice long weekend too. I plan on staying home with mornings spent trying to learn c++ and java for school and afternoons spent trying to polish off a 12 pack and yard work. (no chainsaws MNH and I'll be careful with the pruning saw)

You all have a great Labor Day Weekend as well! Ditto the drinking and driving too...play it safe! My Birthday's this Sunday, I don't want to get killed over the weekend by any drunks out there!

I think I may have even been born on Labor Day, course if you think about it, weren't we all born on labor day?

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Hope everyone has a great one too!

Bob, I know what you mean about getting killed on your birthday. You'd have bad luck for the rest of the year!

I'm going to the the New York Renaissance Faire, and hope to see lots of fancy swords, knives, daggers and dirks. Oh yeah, I'll be stuffing my face as well!
(I think this is my last post before becoming a SENIOR member!!! Any grey hairs showing up yet?)

That's my two cents. Hey! How come you're giving me change?
We hope all of you have a safe an happy
holiday weekend

God Bless


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Here's to a great labor day weekend to all!

Whoops, I just remembered not to drink and drive, you might hit a bump and spill your bear

I need a bigger bucket.