Horizontal Sheath for SwissTool?

Oct 7, 1998
I dimly remeber a discussion about some of you solving what to us as a horizontal sheath for a SwissTool. I haven't been able to track down the thread. Please let me know if you have a solution that works, short of a custom made. Thanks.
The sheath that I got with a bm autoreflex fits a wave good. A little large but OK. I don't know the size of your swisstool but you will probably have the best luck with one from a production knife that is about the same size. Try Mark from mjs knives. He is really helpful.

The one I have heard about is the sheath by Gary Graley a Forum member.


But that is custom.

Marion David Poff aka Eye, one can msg me at mdpoff@hotmail.com If I fail to check back with this thread and you want some info, email me.

Check out my review of the Kasper AFCK, thougths on the AFCK and interview of Bob Kasper. http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/Meadows/1770/kasperafck.html


That was probably my thread about the sheath that Gary Graley made for me. Here's a pic:


Gary was a pleasure to deal with. There is not a person on these forums that I've dealt with that I could recommend more highly that Gary. His work is top-notch. Drop him an e-mail at ggraley@servtech.com


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If you want Kydex or Concealex instead of leather, then give me a buzz. You can see an ugly but highly functional sheath I made for a Gerber tool on my webpage. Opens the tool automatically when it is drawn, and there is a review of the sheath there, too, by the customer. I am not taking orders until October, though, because of Boards and other stuff...

My Custom Kydex Sheath pagehttp://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Lab/1298/knifehome.html
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I use a black nylon sheath which came with my Crawford KFF. My SwissTool fits it great. I took off the Crawford Knives tag so that it would be less obtrusive at work. The pouch can be worn vertically or horizontally and has a velcro closure. I'm not too partial to snaps because when you are using the tool it is can be hard to snap the empty pouch and then the snap pieces rattle against each other.

You can call Pat Crawford. I'm sure he will sell you one for a reasonable price. Be sure to ask for the original pouch size because my latest KFF came with a larger pouch which fits the KFF great but is a bit large for the SwissTool.

If you don't want to mess with the size, I can sell you one of my extra pouches which are in new condition. I would just ask for the price that Pat would sell one for and shipping to you.


Thanks to all who responded. It's sure neat being part of a group who all care. Kinda gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

Bye! Chris
Check out this page...


This one is a magazine holder. I use them for my Balisongs, and my SOG multi-tool.
They also come in a double model. They're very strong and durable. The other great thing about them is, they are cut a little lower than most sheaths, so it's easier to get to your knife (or tool). They're also set up for vertical or horizontal carry.

There are other different ones too, on the main part of the page. Check it out.

Clay G.

You can't go wrong if you get Gary Graley (G2) to make you a sheath! He made me a combo sheath to hold my Swisstool and mini-mag flashlight.I love it,in fact I am wearing it right now.

I am also wearing my G2 Swisstool sheath right now. The workmanship can't be beaten! It is a great sheath. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Also, Gary is a great guy to deal with.

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I just have to chime in that I, too, am wearing a sheath made by Gary (G2) Graley as I sit here and type, and could not speak more highly of the man and his work.

The guys above are 100% on the mark about Gary's sheaths. I also have a horizontal Swisstool sheath by him and it is well woth the bit of extra $ over a generic nylon one (IMHO).
Thanks guys, as always you are too kind!

The Swiss Tool sheath has been a very popular one for me to make, it's a close second to the Sebenza sheaths. I posted a new pic of the double pouch on my web page of Bobby's sheath with a mini-mag flashlight, if you right mouse click and view the picture full size, you will see a little footprint at the bottom of the sheath, yeah, I know, I have small feet, sorry about that Bobby....


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