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Horse Owners?

Bob Taylor

Platinum Member
Dec 10, 1998
Am I the only one who own's a hay burner?

Bob Taylor

Some days it's not worth chewing through the restraints and escaping.
No you are not...
I think I have the mostest also

My 3 year old Foundation Quarter Horse Smokes Beau Tye AKA Smokey
Her 17 year old mut Cisco usta be known as cheeseball
Her 6 year old Paint THEULTIMATEEDITION AKA Poncho he was rescued by the pound and we got him there, starved by prev owner.
Her 1 year old paint that aint Ravens Bold Chick AKA Denny
see my post in the topic about what you carry bag, satchell etc... and see post in what to tell wifey...I mention horses and you can see why I have one and she has 3
We ride everytime we get a chance. From the foothills to the high granite around here
Work them all in the round pen at home also.
dont know how to post pics or I'd show you Smokey
Can anyone let me know how?

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One of my partners, Doug Hill (who you also met at the SHOT Show) is a BIG time horse guy. I'll put you in touch w/ him.

Looking forward to seeing you again at the BLADE Show (we'll be in booth #84).

Stay sharp,


Jim O'Young
Home of the Speed Tech "SYNERGY" (tm)
Don't own any myself, yet. But that may change in the next year or two

My daughter and I both take lessons at a nearby barn. You can see some of the school horses on my friend's site:

Always store beer in a dark place.

My Boss and my parents all own horses...Nasty creatures...more come out of them than goes into them...I think they are given powers from some dark lord to perform such a feat....


Been there, done that, got a bad back from mucking stalls

Seriously, used to have a quarter horse farm... handled them from the time they dropped so that when it came time to put a saddle on 'em there'd be no problems. Made great kids horses plus they all had nice pedigrees. I always preferred riding with a hackamore too.

But that's in the distant past... I got the kids, she got the horses. You know I got the better end of that deal
! Now the boys have left the nest.


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Thats it. Talk about a bunch of city slickers.
Blad1 been there three times I got my (exwives) next time I will just find a woman give her all my money and buy her a house and save on the misery. My next mother inlaw hasn't been concived yet.

Bob Taylor

Some days it's not worth chewing through the restraints and escaping.