How and for what do you use your Sebenza?

Feb 5, 1999
I am just curious how the proud owners of this most awesome knife put it to work.
I have owned mine for almost a year now and find I still baby it, I know I am not the only one....

"Worst of all my foes, I fear the enemy within"
*John Wesley*

Romans 10:9-10

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The first week I had my small sebenza I was cutting wire,boxes, and even scraping paint off of a metal network bay (I work in the telecom field). Now I'm in our engineering dept. and my sebenza only gets light duty; opens mail cuts up any threatning fruit at lunch and steak at night
I carry and use my large or small Sebenza everyday at work. Today I cut up hemp rope and plastic sheeting (thunderstorms here in San Francisco), stripped the neoprene jacket off of 12/3 SJO cable, trimmed the tops and bottoms off of decorative paper lanterns, severed some cable ties, sharpened a pencil, opened some cardboard boxes and then broke them down, and sliced up some gel (plastic color medium) to fit inside a hand held lantern.

I will let you know if I use it tonight during rehearsal.

I've used my Benz for:
Opening letters and envelopes
Cutting oxygen tubing
Removing clothes (I'm an EMT, calm down!)
Cutting seatbelts (Would you believe I did that with a REGULAR blade, and not SERATED?)
Cutting bandages when I was unable to get to my shears in time.
Chopping down annoying branches that hit my face whenever I enter my truck.
Removing those annoying scratchy labels from the back of my Harley T-Shirts (Call me Mr. G.Q.)

Oh, and my wife claims it as her own for use in the kitchen on a variety of doomed fruits and veggies.

That's my two cents. Hey! How come you're giving me change?

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I dont get to use mine as much as you guys get to use yours. The only time I really get to use it is when I go fishing. Other than that, my sebenza just sits in my pocket all day. Occasionally it will get to cut up some fruit or open a letter but that's about it. It's always with me, even at school. Shhhhh...dont tell.

Howdy...I use mine for everything from boxes, to apples.....carry it alot. I donot really baby Sebenza, I just don't treat it bad. Kinda like my women...he he he.....It is still my favorite and fits my lifestyle!
I like to whittle peach pitts into keychange fobs with it.
It seems like several of you really put your Sebenza to use! That's good to hear. With all that use how often do you sharpen the thing.
At first I was sharpening weekly, now in lite duty mode it's probably only monthly. I've only put it on the coarse diamond-vee once, usually it's a touch up on 1200 grit DMT stone or 600 grit stone if it needs more work.
Opening letters, boxes, 55 lb. bags of plastic pellets for molding machines, trimming flash off plastic parts, trimming teflon liners from braided stainless lines during installation of fittings, bagels, apples, string, cleaning under my nails, stripping wire, removing old coolant hoses while working on cars, and I'm sure other things that aren't leaping to the forefront of my noggin this morning.

Don LeHue

The pen is mightier than the sword...outside of arm's reach. Modify radius accordingly for rifle.

Good to know that the Seb is all it is purported to be...
Thanks for all the replies.

"Worst of all my foes, I fear the enemy within"
*John Wesley*

Romans 10:9-10

"Military" Fans Unite!!

-opening letters
-cutting cheese (the dairy kind)
-opening boxes
-doubles as a sort of 'stress ball' by opening and closing it while at work or watching TV at home, etc.
-cutting corns from my feet
-prying up the sink plug in the bathroom when it gets stuck in the closed position
-cutting all kinds of rope
-cutting duct tape
-cutting fruits

My large Sebenza has not cut anything but a few envelopes.
The small Sebenza gets used far more.
The Umfaan is used daily for opening mail, boxes, squirly catsup envelopes, loose threads....just a gammut of domestic stuff.
The small Sebenza opens boxes that new knives arrive in and makes lots of salads.
It is my steak knife...where ever I go.
Nothing wrong with the large Sebenza. It's just "large" and I'm used to carrying a smaller knife.

Ever noticed the stress release you get just by opening and closing these knives?
-opening letters
-in the kitchen, my girlfriend has terrible knives at her place. Oh well, it gives me a good excuse

-opening boxes
-occasional flicking
-and generally everything that comes my way that needs to be cut. I haven't abused it yet as I am a student who spends most of his time in the books rather than hiking and camping. Although in the holidays it gets good work when I am camping. Then it seems like it's the only knife I have. Then, I use it from everything from cutting lines to food prep.
The large Sebenza is my sheople blade. It gets used for any task in public where a fixed blade might raise too many eyebrows.
I have a small decorated Sebenza, and mostly take it out of my pocket to show people the design. Once and a while I might open mail or cut wire. But It's definitely used with caution.
I use my small Sebenza practically every day during things such as: opening mail, cutting fruit, skinning small game, cut small branches, cutting leather & webbing and many other too numerous tasks to mention.
I sharpen mine maybe once a week on my Edge Pro...I like to keep the blade extremely sharp, even though I know the edge would last longer if I went to about 220 or so!
I use mine (a large) daily many of the chores named above. The closest I've gotten to abuse though was one time when it had to make do as an ice pick. Worked great. I figured if any folder could survive that kind of punishment it would...

Sharpening is interesting. The steel is darned hard and I have a much harder time keeping it shaving sharp as I do for other thinner and perhaps softer knives like most of my Spyderco's, my BM Leopard, etc. Soon, however, I'll have access to a grinder with a jig and that problem will be resolved... I'll practice on other knives first however...

After reading this thread, my idea of a perfect vacation would be to pack my 'Benza and head down to SF and work with James for a few days.

If I come down there, do I get to cut all that stuff, too?

My knife is scratched up a bit but it doesn't get the work out some do...but it is up for the task. It's a great knife and easy to take apart to clean, too.


I have used my Full size sebenza for chopping down Grapevine an inch thick. Chopping down japanese knockweed ( a six foot tall heavy grass), stripping wire sharpening pencils, peeling bark and yes very carefully and with the side , prying open paint cans. My job is a happy mix of outside and office work and after its workout outside it opens envelopes and is always ready for the office birthday cake, pizza or sandwich.
Greg, I do look for just about any excuse to use my knife, but Show Business does afford a lot of opportunities