How and when did u get into knives?

Mar 1, 1999
Im new to the forums and was just wondering how and when u guys first got into knives. As for me I had a lot of swiss army knives and multitools and found that all i really needed to carry was the knife blade. And so i went in search of folders on the net and found the forums. Needless to say i've been bitten by the bug.

Welcome to the family, Johnny.
Couple years ago when I just started working with civilians in the military, these guys were playing with this knife called a Buck
Crosslock. I thought it was a switchblade, so they took me under their wing and showed me the world of knives.

The next week, I knew how to open and close a "liner-lock", manipulate a bali-song open and close, who made the best bali-songs, what Randall knives were, and what a Spyderco was.
Your gonna be hooked here,

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I have loved knives since I was a little kid, always had one of some kind. I didn't discover the depth of the knife world tho until 1980 or so. I was going to gun & fishing shows then and started seeing the occasional knife display. Then I discovered Spyderco and got my first non traditional knife. It just built from there, reading Ken Warner's stuff opened my eyes to the custom world and I've been hooked ever since.
My dad was an LEO and he used to bring me knives that he took from criminals when I was a kid. I had the ugliest knife collection of all the 3rd graders, I'm sure..

I got out of knives (except for my ever growing collection of Stapel customs and the occassional BM Auto) for a long time. I am a die hard firearms guy and have never really considered the knife to in the "defensive weapon" realm.

Over the last 6 months, Blade Forums has done a lot to re-introduce me to the world of knives.

I've purchased several modern folders, bought or ordered four custom tactical knives (Simonich, Tyser, Folts & McClung) and attended a Mad Dog Defense Against Edged Weapons Class since starting to hang out here.
I've actually learned more in the last 6 months about knife construction and the knife industry than the whole rest of my life put together.

I know I am really hooked, because I ordered almost as many knives while I as at SHOT show as I did guns (6)!


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When I was 12 or 13 there was a sporting goods dealer in Manhattan disreputable enough to sell knives to me.
Within a year I had 5 or 6 knives.
It's been all downhill since then.
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Knives are part of the Alaskan lifestyle, or at least mine. If you don't have one, you are naked. Until the net, I was under the impression that ther e were only a few companies, and not too many custom makers..boy was I WRONG.....I have been binging for the past few months, at least with all of the info that I find here and at

Not having a knife is foolish in my opinion. And with anything that could possibly save your life, it oughtabe the best you can afford.


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My first knife was a gift from my dad when I was four years old. It was cheap looking but precious. From then on, I have recieved knives as gifts from my mom, dad, and brother. A hobby grew out that experience.
I got my first knife 22 years ago. It was an old rusty Camillus pocketknife. I decided I wanted a new one, so I ended up buying several Schrade knives at the local hardware store. I was 13 at the time. I later purchased a cheap switchblade off a classmate, then a Buck stockman. I got out of knives after I purchased a Victorinox Spartan, which I ended up carrying for ten years, including several in Taiwan. I only got back into knives less than 2 years ago. I started noticing weird looking knives that opened one-handed in the movies. I later discovered they were Spydercos, and it's taken off from there. I've now fallen back into the habit. Knives now are better than ever!
My Great Granddad "sold" me my first knife when I was six. Just a little Shrade three bladed pocket knife, but he made a point of selling it to me for a penny. I didn't have one, so I had to comb out one of his horses for "two bits" as he called .25 cents. This was something I loved to do anyway, so not a bad deal. I got to play with the horse, a shiny SHARP new pocket knife, and 24 cents! Back in those days, that meant a nickle Coke and 19 pieces of candy! Riches to shame Croseus!
I didn't understand why "Grandpa" made me pay for the knife for many years, but I think I do now. By selling it to me, he was relinquishing responsibility and placing it squarely where it belonged. On MY shoulders. If I cut myself (I did almost immediatly) then it was MY knife, MY fault. I'd bought the thing, right?
My Great Granddad lived long enough to teach me how to hunt, shoot, and fish. He also lived long enough to see my son, his Great-Great Grandson on his second birthday. My boy's 18 now, and getting ready to go out and see what's out there. I wish that I could give him that old Shrade, but ah, the follies of youth. It's long gone and I would trade every knife I own, if I could have that one special knife back today.
Thanks Grandpa! I think of you always.

Great thread, WELCOME Johhny!! Well lets see, I would have to say,BOY SCOUTS,grew up in Los Angeles and I was a big time Boy Scout for many years!! I think they have a merit badge for something to do with knives? anyway, got my first Official Cub Scout knife,when I was in 5th grade or so. And wanna hear something funny,use to carry it to school!! Try that in an LA public school today..
Well I've been hooked ever since. Wish I still had that knife! Wonder where it is???
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My father used to hunt squirrels and snakes... and had a somewhat worn sheath knife from a Navy survival kit.

Looking back on it, the knife wasn't much..., but at the time, it was heavy and "serious", with blood soaked into the sheath. It was a "Man's knife", and I'd occasionally sneak into his game bag, and fondle the knife.

I had a few cheapies, while in the cub scouts.., but my first "serious" knife was an Xmas gift I'd requested.., a stag handled Puma skinner. Later..., more Puma's, Gerbers, Shrades, Bucks, etc.

I guess my early experiences turned into a fetish.<grin>
The military definately helped pique my interest in knives. It started out innocently enough with the old style(good) bayonet and a little mumbly peg.
Later, I moved up to a Spyderco Endura, good knife, very versatile. Later my brother introduced me to my first Police model, then the Mariner.
From there I hit Benchmade and kept right on going.
I first started reading Blade and then Tactical Knives and the now defunct "Fighting Knives" and ended with Knives Illustrated. I now collect all of these mags along with books and articles as my interest and curiosity continues to grow.
The pride of my collection(modest as it may be) is my beloved Military
( and of course the Sebenza) but I always go back to the Military.

I have not delved too much into the custom world as yet, as I can not afford it on what the Army pays me(Oh yeah, were all so rich, NOT!) But given time I shall test the waters.
Welcome to the family and the forum. It only gets better from here.

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